Does it seem like your loved one is drinking more often than usual? Read on for 4 warning signs of alcohol dependence that you should never ignore.

4 Warning Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism is one of the world’s most dangerous yet prevalent health problems.

These facts are staggering, but the truth is that nobody thinks they or a loved one could have a problem with alcohol. But, actually, the warning signs of alcohol dependence are probable, and you need to be aware of them so you can get help fast.

Keep reading to learn the top signs of alcohol dependence to watch out for.


Recognizing the Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence can be a serious problem, leading to significant health and social issues. Knowing the warning signs can help you recognize the issue and take steps to address the problem.

Some warning signs may include drinking more than expected and having strong cravings to drink. Also, unpleasant emotions without drinking and increased tolerance to the effects of alcohol. If someone is displaying any of these warning signs, they should seek professional help to address their alcohol dependence.

1. Drinking More Than Expected

People with alcohol dependence may consume significantly larger amounts of alcohol than they plan to or started out with. They may drink to the point of blacking out. They may drink for longer periods than intended.

It can be dangerous, leading to long-term health problems and mental and physical functioning impairments. You can also read here for more signs to look out for.

2. Having Strong Cravings to Drink

When people experience cravings, they exhibit an intense desire to drink. This often leads to excessive consumption and a loss of control over when, how much, and how often they are drinking. Additionally, when cravings hit, people often feel like the only way to alleviate the feeling is to drink more.

If someone finds that their cravings for alcohol are strong and uncontrollable, this can be a sign of an alcohol use disorder.

3. Unpleasant Emotions Without Drinking

People with alcohol dependence often feel like they cannot enjoy anything unless they have a drink first. Individuals may experience increased anxiety, irritability, low mood, and difficulty concentrating without drinking.

If a person notices their behaviors and emotions changing when not consuming alcohol, they may be exhibiting early signs of alcoholism. These warning signs should be addressed as soon as possible.

4. Increased Tolerance to the Effects of Alcohol

As a person builds up a tolerance to alcohol, they will require more alcohol to achieve the same level of effects. This can often be a dangerous pattern, as over time, it increases the risk of alcohol poisoning and other health risks. Trying to keep up with the demands of higher drink tolerances can also often lead to financial and relationship difficulties.

The Effects of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependency can lead to serious social, emotional, and physical health problems. If you are showing any of the warning signs of alcohol dependence, it is important to get help today. Speak to a doctor or therapist, or contact a dependable support group to get back on track.

Take action now and take control of your alcohol consumption.

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