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5 Hacks to Help You Cutback on Your Monthly Electrical Bill

Are you fed up with your monthly electrical bill taking a huge chunk of your wallet? It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can reduce your energy usage and trim down your monthly electric bill with a few easy hacks. From turning off unnecessary lights to unplugging appliances you don’t use often, these tricks might be the answer you’re looking for. 

Read on and start cutting the power and start saving today!


1. Invest in Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is an important investment for anyone looking to cut back on their monthly electricity bill. Smart home technology includes appliances and systems that are capable of:

  • monitoring energy usage
  • turning devices off when not in use
  • optimizing the use of electricity

By investing in smart home technology, the homeowner will experience an overall reduction in their electricity bill by up to 25%.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to adjust temperatures to the desired settings. They also ensure temperatures are reasonably regulated in their absence. This reduces energy bills through optimized usage.

Smart home technology also provides the ability to access and control various home appliances from anywhere remotely. This can cut energy costs through timely task management and automation.

Installing LED lights can also help to reduce energy bills by approximately 75%.

Unplugging devices and appliances when not in use will also help keep electricity bills in check. Use air-conditioners and heaters properly to maximize their efficiency.

To learn more about the benefits of energy-efficient homes, you can find more information here.

2. Take Steps to Eliminate Phantom Loads

One of the best hacks to help you cut back on your monthly electrical bill is to eliminate phantom loads. Phantom loads refer to electricity being used and wasted by appliances and electronic devices switched off or in standby mode.

With phantom loads, these devices still consume electricity and add to your bill at the end of the month. To combat this, you should unplug devices entirely after using them.

Alternatively, you can invest in a power strip and turn off the strip whenever you don’t need the power. This is especially helpful when it comes to charging devices like laptops and phones. The less power those devices use while in standby mode, the lower your monthly electrical bill will be.

3. Utilize Natural Light & Reduce Artificial Lighting

One of the most important hacks to help cut back on your monthly electrical bill is utilizing natural light and reducing artificial lighting.

Natural light can be used throughout the day to brighten up a room. By utilizing natural light when available, you can reduce the amount of lighting you would have to use to light a space artificially.

To maximize the amount of natural light in your home, consider these tips:

  • use light-colored or reflective surfaces to bounce light off
  • create a direct pathway for the light to enter
  • consider windows with fabrics that still allow natural light to enter, but reduce glare

Skylights are also a great option because they allow the sun to shine directly down into your interior space. Additionally, consider using window coverings such as sheers to filter the sunlight and reduce solar warmth.

Finally, consider using switchable window films to control the natural light and enhance privacy.

4. Research Potential Discounts & Tax Rebates on Your Electric Bill

One of the best ways for people to cut back on their monthly electrical bill is by researching potential discounts and tax rebates on their electric bill.

Many utility companies provide discounts and rebates for certain customers. For example, some energy companies offer discounts for low-income households as well as to senior citizens, veterans, and businesses.

Additionally, many states and localities offer tax rebates for energy-efficient upgrades or alternative power sources. These discounts and tax rebates can significantly reduce one’s monthly electricity bill.

Finally, keeping up with your utility company’s rate changes can help you adjust your usage in order to maximize savings. If you can keep up with your utility company’s rate changes, you may be able to find other ways to lower your electric bill.

5. Take Advantage of Solar Energy Solutions

Taking advantage of solar energy solutions is one of the best hacks to help cut back your monthly electrical bill. Solar panels can be installed on residential and commercial rooftops. Or you can also use off-grid systems that don’t involve electrical wiring.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. You can save money by tapping into it instead of relying on electricity from the utility company.

Solar energy involves converting the sun’s energy into electricity. Photovoltaic solar panels convert sunlight into electricity by absorbing its rays and generating direct current electricity (DC).

That electricity is then converted to alternating current (AC) electricity, using energy management systems to power your home. Using solar energy for your home requires installing solar panels on your roof, which works by collecting sunlight and releasing energy.

Solar systems can also provide backup power during outages and improve the overall air quality of your home or office.

Furthermore, you may be eligible for tax credits and other incentives if you install a solar system on your property. Investing in a solar system is environmentally friendly and can greatly reduce monthly electric bills.

Cut Back on Your Electrical Bill Starting Today

Cutting back on your electrical bill is no small feat, but these hacks can help. By replacing inefficient appliances, using power strips, unplugging devices when not in use, and programming your thermostat, you can save time, money, and energy.

Give it a try – you won’t be sorry!

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