Are you planning home renovations this year? Here's a closer look at the best home renovation ideas that you should consider.

5 Home Renovations Ideas To Consider This Year

Did you know that in 2021, Americans spent USD 538 billion at home improvement stores?

Are you feeling down about the state of your home? Tired of thinking about how much work your house needs? Wondering where to even start your home renovations?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can promise that you’ll be jumping for joy once you finish your DIY home improvement project.

Below, we’ve compiled all our best home renovation ideas to try this year. Watch this space, read about it, and get excited about these very doable DIY projects.


1. Utilizing Smart Home Technology

This year, consider incorporating innovative home technology into your home renovations. Smart home technology can help you save energy, increase your home’s security and give you many modern conveniences. Intelligent sensors can be installed to detect motion, temperature, light, and sound to streamline day-to-day tasks.

Intelligent lights, locks, and thermostats can be controlled remotely, helping to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Intelligent audio systems can stream music or play audiobooks throughout the entire home.

InnovInvesting in innovative home technology can yield long-term savings and create a more secure and connected home. Active home technology can also interface with your security system. This allows you to check the activity in and around your home, no matter where you are.

Some of the most innovative home technologies include:

Smart Bulbs

Intelligent bulbs offer unique advantages such as convenience and energy savings, as well as increasing the security of your home. Smart bulbs can be operated remotely using voice commands, your phone, or your home’s WiFi. You can also set a predetermined schedule for them to turn on and off.

This can help support your family’s daily routine. The added visibility of their lighting helps prevent burglars from quickly entering and leaving their homes. Smart bulbs are also great for creating an ambiance.

They come in various colors and intensities to suit whatever mood you’re trying to create in your home. Consider installing energy-saving and smart bulbs this year to make your home more efficient and secure.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can make life much more efficient. For example, instead of manually adjusting the house’s temperature when you arrive home from work, you can use a smart thermostat to do it for you. Utilizing these features can save up to 20% on energy costs.

Smart thermostats make home renovation even smarter. These thermostats are especially useful for those with busy lifestyles. It allows them to control their home’s temperature from their phone.

Smart Refrigerators

You can check the content inside, order groceries and even play music. Furthermore, intelligent refrigerators have various added features and can help homeowners save on energy costs.

It’s never been easier to stay current on what must be replaced weekly. If you’re looking for a modern upgrade to the traditional home refrigerator, getting an intelligent refrigerator is undoubtedly worth considering.

USB Outlets

For those looking to keep up with the latest tech trends, USB outlets are a must-have. They offer a range of convenient features and allow you to charge up to 8 high-capacity devices at once. Plus, with their hassle-free installation, you’ll have outlets ready for every device and every room in your home.

Not only do they give you easy access to charging multiple devices at once, but they also add a modern look to any living space. Plus, they are incredibly energy efficient and can save money on energy bills. 

2. Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget

Consider changing out the cabinetry hardware and installing it. Modern pieces will give your cabinets a fresh and new look. Update or replace countertops with prefabricated laminates.

This is a cost-effective way to add style and texture to your kitchen space. For a pop of color, paint the kitchen walls with a color that complements the new hardware and countertops.

New lighting fixtures will fill the room with brightness. Lastly, replacing old kitchen appliances with energy-efficient models will pay off in the long run. Here you have it – simple and cost-efficient ideas to give your kitchen the makeover it deserves this year.

3. Bring New Life to Your Bathroom

You can install a new shower or bathtub. A luxuriously designed shower or bathtub can add a stunning look to the entire space. Another way to brighten the room is by replacing the existing lighting with new, modern lighting fixtures.

For a touch of elegance, choose a vanity and sink that complements the other fixtures in the room. To reduce the appearance of clutter, upgrade any storage options like shelves and cabinets.

Finally, replace any dated wall treatments with updated tile or wallpaper to create a fresh feel. These renovations can make this the most attractive room in your home.

4. Spruce Up Your Living Space

You can start small with fresh paint or a new piece of furniture or invest the time and money into larger-scale changes. Introduce bold wallpaper to make a statement, or invest in modern furniture that suits your style. Replace an outdated light fixture with something more modern.

Consider investing in built-in storage to make the most of a small space. New curtains, flooring, and tile backsplashes can lighten an outdated area. Finally, declutter so your room looks neat.

With these home renovation ideas, you can transform your living space and make the most of the areas within your home.

5. Garage Flooring Makeover

This year, consider a garage flooring makeover when planning home renovations. Garage flooring is often neglected as a home feature, but properly installed and maintained floors can transform the look and feel of the room.

Begin by cleaning and preparing the floor and removing all dirt and debris. After ensuring the subfloor is level and structurally sound, apply a specialized epoxy coating for a custom look. There are various colors and patterns, offering a sleek and modern design.

For a more luxurious look, upgrade to epoxy with quartz for an extra layer of protection. With a professional installation, your garage will be the envy of the neighborhood. For flooring solutions, go to The Concrete Makeover.

Choose the Best Home Renovations for Your Needs

Now you are ready to choose from the best home renovations for your home and make it the best it can be! With all the home renovation ideas, you must be mindful of your home’s needs and what you can afford. Also, do your research and always hire a professional when necessary. 

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