If you are searching for a new place to call home, then look no further than Hawaii. Here are 5 incredible benefits of moving to Hawaii.

If you dream of moving to Hawaii, you’re not alone. After all, the Aloha State has long been synonymous with easy living, beautiful scenery, and a serenity that you cannot find elsewhere.

Perhaps that’s why Hawaii is frequently ranked as the happiest state in America. Of course, that doesn’t mean Hawaii is for everyone.

Living in Hawaii is not the same as visiting on vacation, as any transplant will tell you. If you’re undecided, consider whether these five reasons to move to Hawaii appeal to you. 


1. Tropical Living

If living in tropical places appeals to you, Hawaii is the right place to be. The state has year-round tropical weather, with high levels of sunny days and warm temperatures.

This is why Hawaiians tend to spend more time on the beach or exploring the great outdoors than your average American might. If you want to live the tropical paradise lifestyle, Hawaii is for you.

2. Variety of Real Estate

One thing that scares people about making the long-distance move to Hawaii is the price of Hawaii houses. Yes, prices are well above the national average.

However, this obscures the fact that there is a huge variety of homes on offer to suit all budgets. If you browse these listings, you’ll see condos, townhouses, and large-family homes at just about every price point.

It’s just about deciding what you are comfortable spending and the type of home you actually want. 

3. Outdoor Activities

If you’re more of an indoor person, Hawaii might not be for you. While nightclubs and art galleries are not a huge part of the draw of Hawaii, the state more than makes up for it with its bountiful outdoor offerings.

You could explore tropical rainforests, swim beneath waterfalls, hike up a volcano, or scuba dive in a gorgeous reef, all in the same afternoon. If this appeals to you, it’s time to move to Hawaii. 

4. Safety

One upside of Hawaii’s isolation and low population density is its safety. Crime here is generally well below the national average, and people generally feel safer here than in many other parts of the US.

Violent crime is lower, while levels of financial crime and theft are also well below levels found in the mainland United States. If you’re looking for a safe place to raise your family, Hawaii is one of the best options out there. 

5. Always More to Explore

It’s not all identical beaches and Tiki-lit bars in Hawaii. The beauty of living here is that there is always something new to do.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of unique islands to explore. You’ll also find a range of cities offering glittering nightlife and cutting-edge culture and cuisine.

It’s also one of the most diverse states in America, meaning that there are always interesting people to meet. If you’re looking for more, consider Hawaii. 

Moving to Hawaii, Done Right

Moving to Hawaii is a dream that many people have, but few actually pursue. If you want to stop wasting time and finally move to Hawaii, we are here to help.

In our dedicated Household & Real Estate section, you’ll find practical tips to help you sell your home and find the right property for you in your new destination. Check it out today.

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