Winter does not mean that you don't have to keep your pool clean. Here are a few tips all homeowners should keep in mind.

6 Tips To Help Keep Your Pool Clean in Winter

Are you looking to keep your pool clean in winter?

For many homeowners, the pool is one of the most prominent features of the house and backyard. It lures in guests for parties and quietly sits in the yard, beckoning residents to cool off on a hot summer day. However, as it becomes colder outside and the pool becomes covered in ice and snow, you might be wondering if your pool is still usable in the winter.

Fortunately, it is possible to keep your pool clean through certain maintenance practices. Here are a few tips to help keep your pool clean all winter long.


1. Testing the Pool’s Chemistry Before Winter

Testing allows you to detect and prevent issues such as water balance or chemical corrosion that can occur during winter. Having your pool chemistry tested before winter will help you identify and adjust any changes in the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and metal levels. This ensures that your swimming pool water is safe to swim in and can decrease the amount of algae growth that can occur when water levels and chemistry are unbalanced or not maintained. 

2. Adding Winterizing Chemicals to Preserve Water Clarity

Winterizing chemicals, such as algaecides and chlorine, helps to kill bacteria that can cloud the water. It also prevents damage to the pool’s structure caused by freezing temperatures and helps the water last longer. For collections without vinyl liners, shock is an additional layer of winterizing protection. 

3. Covering the Pool to Protect Against Debris

A pool cover extends the life of your pool and helps keep debris, like leaves and twigs, from clogging the pump, clear out the water, and even prevent small animals from drowning. 

4. Scheduling a Professional Winterization Service

Professional winterization services can help pool owners to safeguard their swimming pools by performing essential maintenance services. This typically includes draining and cleaning your pool, removing all hoses and accessories, adding preventative measures to reduce freezing, and inspecting the pool equipment to make any necessary repairs. 

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5. Take the Time to Drain Properly and Store Pool Equipment (if Necessary)

Cleaning and storing your pool accessories such as pipes, pumps, filters, and heaters, is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy swimming environment. All kinds of pool accessories should be drained and stored correctly after seasonal use and before winter sets in. Drain, clean, and store pool toys and floating objects to discourage pests from taking up residence during the winter months. 

6. Utilize Solar Pool Covers to Retain Heat

Solar pool covers provide a way to stay energy efficient and warm, by trapping the heat from the sun and reducing heat loss from the water. Using the covers also reduces the amount of evaporation from the pool, which can lead to an increase in water use. 

Tips All Homeowners Should Keep In Mind to Keep Your Pool Clean

Owning a pool is a privilege, but it takes work to keep it in peak condition. Homeowners should develop a regular maintenance schedule, keep chemicals at safe levels, and pool clean regularly to prevent the build-up of algae, bacteria, and other unwanted substances.

With a commitment to regular maintenance, pool owners will be able to enjoy a clean pool all summer long! 

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