A Concise Guide to Transforming Your Home’s Exterior with Luxury in Mind

A Concise Guide to Transforming Your Home’s Exterior with Luxury in Mind

When people change the décor of their home, they often overlook the exterior; however, a more luxurious, glamorous, and stunning finished aesthetic for your home decor and design may have been your plan since you first purchased the property. Still, due to a plethora of reasons, practicality took over.

Now, with a little more financial security and perhaps a week or more off work, you are now fortunate enough to have both the time and the money to transform your home’s exterior with luxury in mind; and here is exactly how!


1. Ambient Lighting

First and foremost, ambient lighting is a relatively affordable, yet hugely transformative addition to the outside of your property.

A soft, warm white light underneath a spotlight fixed into the ceiling of the porch will have the dual benefit of adding a welcoming ambiance to the front of the house and also help to deter passing opportunistic robbers.

Another beautiful element would be to hang black, encased lanterns on each corner of the porch, which will add pools of light that can highlight key features of the lawn and give the house a more luxurious feel.

2. Erect Estate Fencing

Next, take a leaf out of the Victorian era’s book and look into the options for estate fencing, as even though such a fence used to only be confined to large and wealthy manor houses, conveying a sense of grandeur around a modest-sized house is now a popular style decision.

For a truly fabulous and proudly ostentatious upgrade to the border around the front of your property, be sure to contact traditional estate fencing and see for yourself the beautiful and glamorous addition such a perimeter feature can make.

3. Replace Your Front Door

`Even if the front door to your home is still relatively new, if you went for the sensible, cheapest option at the time, then it could still be looking less than luxurious, especially if the positioning of your home exposes the doors and windows to the elements.

Spend time choosing a stylish yet timeless design in terms of the details around the door knocker and paneling work, and choose between the four most sturdy and long-lasting materials, which are as follows:

  • Sustainably sourced FSC hardwood timber
  • Steel with a fiberglass coating
  • Composite GPR (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
  • High-quality UVPC (as long as it comes painted)

4. Add Cladding Around the Building

The fourth and final addition to ensure your property’s exterior appears as stylish and ‘put together’ as the interior design features inside your home undoubtedly are, is to hire a contractor to install cladding right across the outside of the building.

There are many key advantages to choosing to install cladding, including the obvious aesthetic improvement and the fact that, once erected by a skilled builder, cladding panels require little to no maintenance. They add an extra layer of internal insulation, and the structure of your house itself is significantly strengthened.

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