If you have solar panels, then you should know how to properly maintain them. Here is a quick homeowner's guide to solar panel cleaning.

A Quick Guide to Proper Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panels clean will improve their performance and longevity. Improving your home’s energy efficiency will also help you save money on your power bill.

Though steady rain may do the trick, proper solar panel cleaning is essential for optimal results. Need help to figure out where to begin? 

Here’s a quick guide to learning how to clean solar panels. Keep reading to find out!


When to Clean Your Solar Panels

When it comes to cleaning solar panels, timing can be everything. A quick guide to proper solar panel cleaning starts with scheduling.

Scheduling regular cleaning is the best way to keep your solar panels in top condition. Regularly cleaning your solar panels will help maintain the efficiency of your system.

If your panels are in a dry climate with little rainfall, you should clean them quarterly or every four months. In regions with average rainfall, you can clean your panels once a year or every twelve months.

You should clean them more frequently if you live in a more humid or dusty area. You can clean them every six months or twice a year. 

Prepare the Panels Before Cleaning

Before cleaning, it is essential to check the area around the solar panels for any objects or debris that could cause damage when removed. It includes leaves, twigs, or bird droppings.

D disconnecting all the power and electricity sources connected to the solar panels is essential. It is to ensure your safety and avoid electric shock.

Use the Right Tools and Products

Utilizing the right tools and products can help ensure proper cleaning. It is recommended to use a hand-held, soft bristle brush and odorless soapy water for the most effective results.

You can use a soft, microfiber cloth coated with anti-static or lens-cleaning properties can be used in conjunction with the brush and water to remove smudges and grime. A safe, chemical-free cleaning solution should also be considered, as most panels are silicon-coated.

Chemical cleaners or harsh scrubbing techniques can damage it. Also, regularly clean to prevent the accumulation of dirt or algae. 

Scrape Away Debris and Residue

Accumulations of debris and residue can form over the surface of the panels, obscuring their ability to generate power efficiently. Scraping away this debris should involve using the correct tools.

Window or glass cleaner is typically used to remove residue and streaks. Spray the solution onto the panel and wipe it away with a clean, soft cloth.

Do not use a wire brush on plastic or fiberglass panels. It may damage the surface.

When cleaning, ensure no water or soap gets into the electrical connections and areas of the panel. If your panel is particularly grimy, consider onpointsolarcleaning.com for solar panel cleaning services to ensure safe and efficient practices.

A Guide to Solar Panel Cleaning

Proper solar panel cleaning can help you make the most of your solar panel system. Contact a solar panel cleaning company to maintain your panel’s efficiency and reliability.

Keeping your system clean allows lighter and heat to absorb and increases lifespan. Clean your solar panels today and start saving energy!

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