Pests can be incredibly frustrating throughout the year. Here's a quick look at common pests that you can expect during winter.

Common Pests You Can Expect During Winter

Are you worried about the upcoming winter? Winter is not the best time of year to be concerned with pests.

However, even in the colder months, pests are more prevalent than you might think. Many insects choose this time of year to create a home for their young.

This needs to be factored into how you prepare your home for winter. Not all pests are bad for you, but the following common pests that invade your home during the colder months can cause you to experience some serious problems if not contained.

What do you need to know about pests that invade in winter?



The cold winter weather often makes rodents like mice and rats seek shelter in the warmth of our homes. As simple as it is for them to enter and get comfortable in our buildings, getting rid of them can be quite challenging.

To prevent and remove them, seal any potential entry points. This will keep them from gaining access. Set up traps near known pathways too. Remove and store any food items attracting rats in your house.

Cleaning debris such as lawn clippings, fallen fruits and vegetables, and trash will also help deter rodents. Regularly vacuuming and disposing of the vacuum bag, or emptying the vacuum canister, will help eliminate any existing rodents. 


These resilient little creatures can survive the cold despite their small size. This makes them an annoying and potentially hazardous problem.

The most effective way to get rid of ants is to hire a trusted pest control service. Hire local services that can eliminate the entire colony. They can help you establish preventative measures to keep them from coming back.

Professional pest control services are trained in the best practices. They do this to safely and effectively remove the ants from your home without endangering yourself or your family. 


Due to lower temperatures outside, they are more likely to seek shelter and warmth indoors. They can reproduce fast. They can also survive in the most inhospitable conditions. This makes it a difficult pest to eradicate.

As with all pest infestations, the earlier the infestation is identified, the better. Thorough monitoring and integrated pest management practices are the preferred methods for cockroach control.

Seal off entry points. Eliminate clutters that can be breeding sites. Removing moisture sources that may be attracting them. Do these things, and you’ll get to a pest-free home.


Termites can invade a home during the winter months. This makes them a common pest. They feed on wood and will chew through flooring and furniture. They are a major problem in every home.

The best way to get rid of termites is to use a professional pest control service. Hire those identifying the pest and applying a chemical treatment to the affected area.

The chemical will kill the existing termites and prevent new termites from entering and colonizing the area. Regularly inspecting the home for signs of existing termites can help to catch and treat an infestation before it becomes too severe. 

Beware of These Common Pests at Home

Winter brings many common pests, including mice, roaches, and bed bugs. To prevent these common pests from taking over your home, it’s important to take proactive steps and consult an exterminator when necessary.

Taking the time to address these issues can help guarantee that you and your family will enjoy a pest-free winter season. Don’t wait – get started today!

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