From Drab to Fab: Tips for a Stylish Bathroom Remodel

From Drab to Fab: Tips for a Stylish Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling can be exciting but daunting. Remodeling the other rooms of a house is much easier than bathrooms because there are multiple things to consider. We often worry whether the budget will bring justice to the vision we have in mind. Then there’s the matter of disruption because you won’t have access to it until it’s finished.

Also, the design: what colors to choose between trendy and extreme? What styles to pick to avoid making it look drab? And what if it doesn’t go with the theme of the rest of the house?

For the readers continuously putting off their bathroom remodeling, here we’ve listed eight strategies to implement for a successful DIY project. Let’s take a look.


Open Shelves

Adding boxed cabinets in your bathroom can keep your toiletries and other objects out of sight. But they can also make the space appear congested. If you have a small bathroom, having boxy cabinets can make the space look even smaller. The easiest hack is to install open shelves on the wall and go for a semi-cluttered look.

You can also add floating storage or shelves on the wall to have more floor space. It will open up the look and make your bathroom look more spacious.

Statement Wall Tiles

Want to add some personality to your bland bathroom walls? Go for statement wall tiles. Pick a bold and bright color or patterned tiles for one wall. It could be behind your vanity or the shower area and create a strong focal point that will change the room.

However, when picking the pattern and color of the statement tiles, pick an option that complements the overall room aesthetic and creates a bold statement. Vibrant geometric patterns, textured tiles, or mosaic designs are a few go-to options for home decor enthusiasts.

Freestanding Bathtub

Remember the days when built-in bathtubs were cool? Yeah, we’re not in that era anymore. With sleek and minimalistic interior decor rapidly replacing the old fads, built-in bathtubs have become a thing of the past. It also occupies the majority of the space in your bathroom and makes it look congested.

Opt for a freestanding bathtub to bring a minimal and sophisticated look and open up some floor space in your bathroom.

Walk-in Shower

If you have a shower in your bathroom, consider replacing the curtain area with a walk-in shower. The idea might sound daunting, but it’s as simple as installing a door. You can check out some bathroom shower remodel projects on the internet for inspiration. Curtains often section off a part of the room and make it look smaller. A walk-in shower with transparent glass will enhance the look, make it sleeker, and give you access to the whole space on the other side of the glass divider.

Remove the curtains and install a frameless glass enclosure. Choose a high-quality and durable glass option that will be easier to clean and last years.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting will add a touch of sophistication to your bland bathroom and will tie in the decor. You can install motion-activated lights that can turn on and off when they detect motion. If you’re not a fan of vanity lighting, you can install LED mirrors that can do the job just fine. If you’re feeling adventurous, install color-changing lights to create a different ambiance based on your mood. You can also opt for dimmable lights to control how illuminated you want your bathroom. And finally, for a futuristic feel, you can install voice-activated lighting.

The cost might be $100 to $500 per fixture for smart lighting solutions in your bathroom. You can also expect to pay more depending on your choice.

Floating Vanity

Floor-length vanities come with the same problem as boxed cabinets or a built-in bathtub – despite providing good storage space, they end up making the bathroom look congested.

A great alternative would be to install two floating vanities side by side. They will open up floor space and add a minimal look.

If you have a wall-to-wall mirror, replace it with statement mirrors to add a touch of style.

Heated Flooring

Apart from smart lighting, heated flooring is another way to make your bathroom futuristic and sophisticated. Installing radiant floor heating to keep your bathroom floor warm. It comes in handy in the cold season, especially in areas where winters are harsh.

You can choose from electric and hydronic radiant floor heating. The former uses electric cables to heat the floor, while the latter uses hot water. You can also go for a heating mat that’s easier to install.

Mix Colors and Textures

Add a mixture of colors and textures to make your bathroom look lively and colorful. Pick bold patterns or textures for focal walls, or create a statement wall with a bold color. Paint the cabinets a vibrant shade, and match the accessories and curtains accordingly. Add greenery whenever possible. If maintaining plants seems daunting, add artificial flowers and leaves to add a touch of life and color to the bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling projects are not as difficult as you might think. With a proper budget and a clear vision of the output, you can easily change the look of your bathroom and turn it sleek and minimal.

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