Fun and Intriguing Ways to Teach Children About God through Bible Object Lessons

Fun and Intriguing Ways to Teach Children About God through Bible Object Lessons

Bible object lessons for kids are the perfect way to teach scriptural truths that are often difficult for children to grasp. Using everyday objects allows kids to relate the lesson to their ordinary life experiences. Use green food coloring to demonstrate that sin can ruin a good thing. This adaptable children’s church object lesson teaches kids to trust in God.


Attribute Trackers

First, what is an object lessons for kids? Object lessons are practical because kids learn better when interacting with the material. Plus, everyday objects allow children to relate biblical truth to their lives in a way more relatable than teaching them Bible stories they’ll never understand. God’s creation story is one of the most important lessons for kids. It’s the foundation that helps them see God’s purpose for each person in their life, and it can help answer many of the “why” questions kids often ask. This attribute tracker is an easy way to show kids how to find God’s attributes in the Bible, such as loving, faithful, merciful, and more. It’s a simple way to encourage kids to read their Bible every day and find God’s characteristics for themselves. You can also challenge them to see how many of these attributes they can find in a specific amount of time.

It’s easy to compliment your kids on their beauty, athleticism, or intelligence, but how often do you compliment them on their spiritual virtues like compassion, patience, faith, and kindness? This fun Bible object lesson teaches kids these traits are the most beautiful and valuable. It also illustrates that when we choose to act in these ways, we reflect the glory of our Creator. It is an excellent lesson for Sunday school, kids’ church, family devotions, or anywhere else.

Singing Songs

Object lessons are great for bringing Bible stories to life, but singing songs can effectively make biblical truths stick with kids. Children love to sing, and things that are put to music are much easier to remember. Use themes to teach children Biblical truths about God and His character. Kids are like sponges, so they’re eager to learn about God and Jesus. They need the right teaching tools to make it happen! Object lessons are fun, engaging ways to teach kids about God, including the importance of prayer, salvation, and obedience.

One of the most famous children’s church object lessons is the “8-foot appearing candy cane.” This kids’ Bible lesson teaches that nothing we have belongs to us. It’s an excellent lesson to lead with before snack time and should be followed by saying grace. Another fun object lesson is the classic trust fall. While commonly used as a team-building exercise, it can also be a great way to show kids how to trust in God. Kids can quickly become distracted by all the entertainment options, so providing them with quality Christian content is essential. 


Observation is an excellent tool for kids to learn, especially in a hands-on way. Kids often respond better to teaching tools that involve their senses (touch, smell, etc). Bible object lessons for kids do just that! They take truths from the Bible written for adults and turn them into something a child can understand.

In this way, kids can understand how God created everything in nature: plants, bugs, the moon, and stars. It teaches them that God is in control of all things and that He is a loving Creator. It also opens up a conversation about how God cares for us and His creation.

For example, a simple craft activity doubles as a lesson about how we are connected to God:

  1. Have the kids make fans using paper.
  2. Ask them to partner up and fan one another.
  3. Explain that our actions and words can affect others, so we should be kind to everyone.

For older kids, you can use observation to address the importance of our relationship with Christ and the church. For instance, you can walk them through the Old Testament and show them how it all points to, revolves around and is fulfilled in Jesus. Then, talk about what happens when we lose that connection and try to live life without God.


Having kids rely on God for their needs, expressing their concerns, and asking for forgiveness are significant pillars of the foundation they’ll need as adults. It’s essential to teach them how to pray so they can connect to Him through daily worship practices and know what it means to trust Him, even when it doesn’t make sense. Demonstrate how to pray by giving each child two sticky squares and asking them to write what they’re praying for. Encourage them to use the alphabet to fill in each letter – for example, if they are praying for guidance, you could write a “G” next to it on your list. Once each group has finished, ask them to add their answers to the others’ squares and stick them to a wall. It is a beautiful way to show how prayers are shared and built upon one another and how there are many different things people are praying for!

Young children are programmed to marvel at everything around them. They’re naturally curious about bugs, animals, and the stars. Using this natural curiosity to point them toward God is a powerful way to draw their attention. Talk about Genesis 1:1 and how God reveals himself in creation. For example, talking about the three parts of an apple (the skin, the flesh, and the core) is an excellent analogy to the Trinity and how each piece is necessary yet makes up the whole.

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