Having to take care of kids is an exercise in itself, but one that only wears you down. This is why you need to create a routine where you and your kids get a healthy workout. Ensuring you and your kids are on a healthy track while having a great deal of fun. To help you get started we suggest taking on one of the following fun exercises you can do with your kids.



The most common form of exercise that can be made fun with kids. Not only can running help you improve your cardiovascular health, but it can also even help reduce stress and anxiety. Running is as basic as it gets, but you can make it more fun by adding a few extras. For instance, you can play games such as i spy, or race each other.


Kids love to jump, they are constantly on the sofas or beds, jumping their hearts out. So why not offer them a more safe and more healthy way to do so, setting up a trampoline is easy and can help you exercise and have fun at the same time. Imagine jumping around in a safe space, working on your leg muscles, glutes, and hamstring at the same time.


One of the most entertaining and effective ways to stay in shape. Everyone loves skipping, it is a fun and easy way to pass time. One that lets you and your kids get some much-needed exercise done. We suggest starting small and building your resistance as you go.


Kids have finally started to take on yoga as a fun way to pass their time. While the little ones might not be ready just yet, but kids love to take on the same things as adults. Letting them become a part of your yoga routine can help ensure everyone in the house is enlightened. A simple yet effective workout that can be taken to the next step as they grow.


Jumping around and dancing is one of the best forms of exercise, so why not take up a Zumba class with your kid. Or you can get a tape for home and get the workout session going. A fun way to spend quality time with your kids, while making sure you get your workout done.


One of the most rewarding and fun ways to pass your time is by cycling in the park. A safe space surrounded by nature and fresh air is exactly what you and your kids need. It’s time to get on your bikes and go out as a group. Everyone from kids to adults loves to cycle, so why not take it to the next step by doing it as a family. Something that is fun and gets your body going is exactly what you need.

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