There are numerous types of table shapes to choose from when picking out furniture. Learn about the most popular options in this guide.

Gather Round!: The Different Types of Table Shapes

Choosing the right table shape can be tricky if you don’t know yourself or your guests.

Are you a traditionalist who enjoys a square table? Maybe a round table will make you and your family feel the most at ease. Does your space let you pick any table style you want?

If this is something you’re struggling with, you’re in the right place. Listed below are all the top table shapes to make sure you pick the right one!



Rectangular tables work well in many settings, from dining rooms and break rooms to offices and craft rooms. They are also the easiest to find in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. So you can find the right style for any decor. 


Square tables are often found in offices. They are great for small gatherings of four people as there is equal space for each person to sit on a side. They are also highly versatile since they can be placed more closely together to fit a limited space.

Square tables provide a warm, intimate setting, as the conversations are forced to take place in the same space. There may not be many options for customization in terms of shape. But there are other aesthetic choices such as size, material, finish, and even color to consider.


Round tables give a feeling of having a conversation with everyone in the room. It also makes the table look balanced and inviting, as everyone can be equally engaged in the conversation. The round shape is great for tight spaces and is the perfect fit for smaller gatherings.

Round tables can be used with an even number of chairs for symmetry. It is the ideal choice for intimate meals, cocktail receptions, and even a game night.

Round tables also promote conversation between guests and encourage everyone to talk with each other. For example, using counter height round tables at a wedding encourages all guests at one table to constantly look and speak to each other.


The distinctive shape of a boat-shaped table is easily recognizable, with the two sides curving noticeably inward. The classic boat-shaped table is oval-shaped, often featuring a rounded edge and two rectangular end pieces. They provide a unique element to any conference room that invites people in to sit and talk.


Trapezoid tables have a straight edge on one side and two sloping edges on the other. This shape makes it easy for people to enter and exit the table from the straight side as it is easier to walk around or move chairs. That’s why trapezoid tables are often used for gatherings at home or in businesses, where guests can sit and move freely at the same time. 


Hexagon tables have a contemporary and modern style and work well in smaller spaces. It can be a side table, an entryway console, or an accent to a larger room. 

Which of These Table Shapes Do You Like Best?

Table shapes come in all sorts of varied styles to enhance and bring a unique touch to every interior decor setting. From the classic rectangular to the expertly crafted, unique, organic shapes, you got it. If you’re looking for a simple statement or a detailed one, there is sure to be a table that will perfectly fit your taste and design.

So you’ve got choices! Consider the table shape that will best add to your space.

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