If you've found the perfect piece of property to build the home of your dreams, find out everything you need to know about clearing a wooded lot.

How to Clear a Wooded Lot to Build a Home

Is it finally time for you to build the house of your dreams?

A wooded lot is a unique and breathtaking building site. It’s often a wise choice, given the increased security, privacy, and relaxed wildlife that comes with holding back the trees.

However, building in wooded areas does come with its unique challenges. Though it might seem as simple as clearing land and throwing up some buildings, there’s much more to it.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about clearing a wooded lot to build a home.


Cut Down All the Trees

You need to determine which trees will be cut down and which ones will be left. This decision should be based on the size of the tree, the location of the tree, and its health of the tree.

Tree removal can be done with a chainsaw, hand saw, or even an axe. But if you’re unsure about clearing a wooded lot, consider land clearing services.

Remove the Stumps

When the trees are gone, you need to remove the stumps. You can do this with a stump grinder or by hand.

If you’re using a stump grinder, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re removing the stumps by hand, you’ll need to dig around the stump and remove the roots. 

Burn the Brush

If you have a large lot, use a bulldozer to push all of the vegetation down. Determine the lot’s boundaries and areas you would like to clear.  

This will help to ensure that the burning is done safely and effectively. Once the area is ready, you can begin to burn the brush. It is essential to start small and build up the fire as you go. Once the fire burns well, you can add more brush to keep it going.

Be safe and have a water source nearby if the fire gets out of control. After the fire has burned down, you will be left with a cleared lot ready for development.

Dig up the Roots

This can be a daunting task, but creating a level surface on which to build is necessary. The roots of trees can extend deep into the ground, so it’s essential to be thorough in your digging. You may need a shovel or pickaxe to loosen the soil and get down to the roots. 

Level the Ground

Once the trees are down, you will need to level the ground before you can start building. This usually involves bringing a Bobcat or other equipment to move the dirt around.

If you have a small lot, you may be able to do this by hand. Once the ground is level, you can start installing a foundation and framing for your house.

Ways to Clear a Wooded Lot

Now that you know how to clear a wooded lot to build a home, you can get started on your dream home today. If you need help, be sure to ask a professional for guidance.

Building a home in the woods can be a daunting task. But with a little effort, you can have the perfect home in no time.

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