How to Control Mosquitoes in Birmingham, AL

How to Control Mosquitoes in Birmingham, AL

Mosquitoes are no laughing matter. In addition to leaving the skin uncomfortable from bites, they can also carry dangerous diseases like West Nile virus, EEE, malaria, and Zika virus. Understanding the precautions available can help you take the proper steps to have a mosquito-free yard. AL is known for its hot, humid weather, an excellent attraction for mosquitoes. While natural concoctions are great for preventing mosquito bites, the root of the cause is not addressed. 


Birmingham, AL Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquito control in Birmingham, AL is a serious matter. In addition to destroying these flying pests, the eggs and larvae must also be eliminated.  Without the control of mosquitoes in a given area, social activities and tourism are greatly affected. Families are chased indoors from the long-awaited season of fun and recreation. 

How Long do Mosquito Treatments Last?

A few questions must be answered if you have decided to have your yard treated by a professional pest control near me

  1. What is the average rainfall in your area?
  2. Are there tall grasses or marshes where you live?
  3. Neighborhood cooperation in establishing a solution to mosquito control

Mosquitoes love damp, dark places. Yards with kiddie pools and birdbaths are good places for mosquitoes to hatch their young. Any standing water will attract mosquito colonies. If you have a pond, stock it with larvae such as Gambusia and Koi Carp to fight off the presence of mosquitoes. 

Your location, climate, season, and infestation levels will dictate how often treatment is required. In Birmingham, 2–6 weeks is the average time for monitoring the return of adult mosquitoes. Many factors affect how long to wait before the subsequent treatment is required. Factors like an untreated neighbor’s yard and weather can determine the span of treatment. 

Depending on the amount of water and food sources that exist for mosquitoes will determine the amount of treatment you may need for mosquito treatment. Professionals will collect mosquito eggs and adult mosquitoes for research. Once the identity of the mosquitoes has been determined, further testing is done to look for germ infection. Once the species has been verified, the proper mosquito control methods can be implemented.

Effective Ways of Controlling Mosquito Population

Barrier spraying and standing water treatments effectively eliminate larvae habitats and target young mosquitoes. Misting systems or CO2 traps are considered ineffective by many professionals. Pets and people could be exposed to misting treatments while only a few mosquitoes are eliminated. Each yard should be evaluated, and a plan of action should be implemented. A professional pest control company will assist you with your mosquito needs once all the research on your specific mosquito problems has been analyzed. Never trust a company that assumes all mosquito problems are alike. 

What can a Homeowner in Birmingham do to Limit Mosquito Activity?

There are many steps that the homeowner can take to help prevent the spread of a mosquito infestation. 

  • Repair gaps in your septic tank.
  • Cover water storage containers
  • Remove standing water from outdoor items.
  • Fill tree holes

Standing water is the number one cause of mosquito attraction. Removing the source is important because they lay their eggs close to water. 

DIY Assist with Adulticides

Adulticides are available in coils, fogging devices, and yard sprays. In addition to regular professional mosquito treatment regimens, adulticides can help kill adult mosquitoes over extended periods. Get together with a professional mosquito specialist and discuss your options for mosquito removal this season. It could make a massive difference to your outdoor pleasures this year. 

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