How to Pair Hearing Aids With Your Smartphone

How to Pair Hearing Aids With Your Smartphone

Pairing your hearing aids with your smartphone is convenient and a great way to improve sound quality and ease the adjustment process. Currently, thirty million Americans experience hearing loss, and nearly 80 percent use a cell phone. The new technology in hearing aids can connect to mobile devices such as smartphones and improve sound quality. You can even adjust your hearing aids more easily through a smartphone app.


Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your hearing aids wirelessly to smartphones and other devices, making them easy to use. This technology can also be used for making phone calls, using a tablet, listening to music, watching television, and more. Bluetooth lets you control the volume of your devices through your hearing aids.

Many additional Bluetooth audio devices, like Phonak hearing aid pairing, are also compatible with Bluetooth technology. These devices include phones, music players, televisions, and computers. This technology can make your hearing aids more convenient, allowing you to enjoy music, television shows, and even group chats.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids can be connected to your computer via Bluetooth. These devices work well with both PCs and Macintosh computers. To pair the two devices:

  1. Follow the instructions below.
  2. Before you begin, be sure that the batteries in both hearing aids are fresh.
  3. Open the battery door on your right aid. The hearing aid should then begin scanning for available devices.
  4. If the device does not show up immediately, try restarting your phone or switching off your Bluetooth device.

To pair your hearing aids with your iPhone, go to the settings menu on your iPhone or Android device. In the Accessibility tab, choose “Hearing Devices” and click “Pair.” You should hear a beep when the device is connected.

Bluetooth Streaming

Bluetooth streaming for pairing hearing aids can be helpful, but it is essential to use the correct settings for the best results. Too much Bluetooth streaming can drain a hearing aid’s battery more quickly than usual. It would help if you always paired the hearing aid with another device before using Bluetooth streaming for pairing.

To use Bluetooth streaming for pairing hearing aids, you need to pair your hearing aids with an external device called a streamer. This device picks up the Bluetooth signal from your phone and sends it to your hearing aids. You can choose a device that you can wear around your neck or a device that is small enough to fit into your pocket. The streamer can be paired with more than one device and pause audio when you get an incoming phone call.

Bluetooth Phone Clip Accessory

The Bluetooth phone clip accessory for hearing aids connects your phone to the device, converting the phone signal and sending it to your hearing aids. It offers a one-meter range and is small enough to be worn on your lapel. Once paired, the Phone Clip automatically connects to a Bluetooth-capable phone and lets you receive and make calls. It even has a microphone to help you answer incoming calls.

Bluetooth phone clip accessories allow you to stream music, calls, and other audio to your hearing aids from any Bluetooth-enabled phone. They double as a remote control for your hearing aids, allowing you to adjust the volume and answer and end calls from anywhere. These accessories are rechargeable, which is an additional benefit.

Advanced Hearing Aids

A certain brand for  pairing hearing aids is an advanced hearing aid that uses a unique method of sound processing that is 30% more natural than most hearing aids. This allows more sound to reach the brain, improving speech understanding and memory. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers a variety of connectivity options.

The app can adjust the volume, change listening programs, and check battery levels. It also works as a remote microphone for meetings and phone calls. 

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