Roof damage can be subtle and at times almost undetectable. If you are starting to worry about the structural integrity of your roof, click here for the facts.

Six Subtle Signs of Roof Damage to Look Out For

The average lifespan of a roof is 30 years. So if you bought your home when you did, it’s likely that the roof is approaching the end of its life span. When this happens, you can start to look for roof damage to decide whether or not to replace the roof before things get worse.

Check out the signs of roof damage below to see if your home needs to be looked at.


1. Roof Sagging

Roof sagging is one of the most common signs of roof damage that you should watch out for. This occurs when the structure or framework of your roof loses its ability to support the weight of your roof due to water saturation and other causes. Sagging is usually uniform but can vary in severity depending on the severity of the damage.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Roof damage can appear in different ways and can often be subtle. Knowing the signs of roof damage can be beneficial so that you can catch it and repair it quickly before it causes further damage. One of the common signs of roof damage is missing shingles.

Having an excessive amount of damaged or missing shingles is an obvious sign that your roof is experiencing damage. If individual shingles are damaged, it is likely a sign of more extensive roof damage that requires an inspection. Learn more about the different types of wood shingles to know your options.

3. Blistering or Chipping Paint

Blistering or chipping paint is one of the most obvious signs of roof damage to look out for. This happens when the roof membrane exposed to heat and moisture becomes cracked and breaks away from the underlying material. In severe cases, this can leave unsightly areas of exposed roofing material.

Additionally, it can also cause water to leak into the roofing structure and into your home.

4. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the subtle signs of roof damage to look out for. Once a year, you should inspect your gutters for blockages. Blockages can cause water to back up and build pressure behind shingles which can then cause water leakage and further roofing damage.

Cleaning your gutters regularly and ensuring that they are free of debris is essential. Gutter rust and decay may mean that they need to be repaired or replaced, and if left in this condition can cause more damage to the roof.

5. Visible Cracks and Leaks

Visible cracks and leaks are one of the most common and obvious forms of roof damage, presenting a serious risk to the structural integrity of a roof. Large cracks or holes can allow water in, leading to moisture and leak damage in the ceiling and other parts of the home.

6. Dark & Damp Areas

Dark and damp areas often indicate roof damage, even when it can be difficult to tell by looking at the roof from the ground. Look out for water stains on the ceiling and walls, which a leaky roof can cause.

Look Out For These Signs Of Roof Damage

Signs of a damaged roof should be taken seriously. If you notice any of these eight signs, consider repairing a roof. It is important to call a certified roofer to help inspect and repair any issues.

Take the time to inspect your roof regularly, and don’t ignore any signs of damage.

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