Stucco vs wood siding: How much do you know about the differences between the two? Read on to learn more about the differences between them.

Stucco vs Wood Siding: What Are the Differences?

Whether you need to replace or repair your home’s exterior walls, you first must understand the various types of exterior siding materials. The two most common types are wood siding and stucco.

But which one is right for your next exterior home project? And what is stucco vs wood siding anyways?

To help you make the right decision, we’ve listed the differences of wood siding vs stucco.



Cost is one of the major differences between stucco vs wood siding. Stucco is a much more affordable siding option, making it a desirable choice for homeowners on a budget.

Wood siding can be quite expensive, with costs stretching into the thousands of dollars depending on the type of wood and its size.

Stucco lasts a lifetime, while wood siding can deteriorate over time due to weather. Ultimately, the cost is one of the most important factors when comparing stucco to wood siding.

Aesthetic Appeal

Stucco siding and wood siding both offer a unique aesthetic appeal. With its soft, pastel finish, Stucco is an under roof siding often used for a classic look that pairs well with Spanish-style homes.

Its light yet durable material offers a more consistent look throughout the home and is more resistant to harsh weather and temperature changes.

On the other hand, wood siding can offer a more traditional, rustic appeal that adds dimension to a home’s facade. With an array of stains, hues, and textures available, it’s easy to find a style that perfectly complements the house’s design.

The downside of wood is that it is not as insulative as stucco and can be prone to damage caused by extreme weather and pests. 

Fire Resistance

Wood siding is highly flammable and offers little to no protection from fire. Wood siding helps spread fire with its abundance of gaps and voids.

Stucco, on the other hand, has much better fire resistance and does not hold the same risk of spreading fire. It can be made with Portland cement or an acrylic base for optimal fire protection.

Maintenance Requirements

Stucco is generally low-maintenance and, depending on the climate in your area, may only require occasional washing with a hose to keep it looking its best.

Wood siding, however, must be pressure washed at least once a year and resealed every few years to stave off rot and insect damage. Additionally, wood siding often requires a mid-level painting job to keep it looking fresh, whereas stucco needs no paint.

Both materials still require regular gutter maintenance to help keep water away from the home’s exterior, which can help prevent further damage.

Explore Stucco vs Wood Siding Now

In conclusion, the cost, aesthetics, fire resistance, and maintenance of stucco vs wood siding are all important factors when considering which siding is best for your home.

Research and compare these materials to make an informed decision. By taking the time to research and make an appropriate comparison, you can make the best siding decision for your home.

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