Stylish and Functional Solutions for Every Home

Stylish and Functional Solutions for Every Home

A kitchen is a place of culinary creativity and social gatherings, but it can also be an inconvenient and difficult-to-navigate space. With smart corner storage cabinet ideas, these spaces can become more accessible and functional.

The lazy Susan is a classic solution that fills dark base corner cabinets with rotating shelves, making it easy to access pots and pans, dishes, and pantry items.


Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are a great solution for maximizing storage space and bringing hard-to-reach items into easy reach. They’re perfect for storing spices and condiments in the pantry or inside the fridge to corral jars often forgotten.

If you plan to install a lazy Susan in your pantry or kitchen cabinet, always plan with a professional kitchen designer to maintain proper clearance.

Blind Corner Pull-Outs

In the past, there weren’t many options to help homeowners utilize the space in angled wall corner cabinets with one door and a skinny opening. Now, there are organizing systems that can be added to these cabinets.

These systems use a pull out shelving system to make it easy to access the space that used to be referred to as a blind cabinet. Those nooks can house items like large lobster pots, serving trays, or extra paper towel rolls.

These new organizational accessories can be used in framed and frameless cabinets to improve the accessibility of those hard-to-reach corners. They’re perfect for addressing the needs of homeowners with limited mobility and those with kids.

Glass Inserts

Printed glass – Whether used in exterior doors, sidelights, or interior full-light doors, custom door glass inserts offer beauty and privacy. Popular patterns include etchings and prints, which look great with modern and traditional home styles.

Lower corner cabinets are a great storage place but can be challenging to reach. If you want to put cookware and other goods out of sight but still easily accessible, consider installing angled pullout drawers.

Keeping up with trends in cabinetry and other kitchen essentials is vital for homeowners to create functional, beautiful spaces. Adding these innovative corner kitchen storage cabinet ideas to your client’s homes will help them make the most of their space and enhance their design aesthetic.

Open Shelves

A kitchen with open shelving can store decorative items or extra dishware without taking up counter space. This design choice can be functional and beautiful, depending on how the shelving is styled.

Another ideal storage solution for a corner cabinet is a wooden lazy Susan. These turntables are available in various shapes and sizes and are an excellent way to optimize those hard-to-reach corners.

Three-Drawer Cabinet System

A two-tiered lazy Susan is an easy, efficient storage solution for upper-corner cabinets. Its circular shape optimizes space and provides easier access to items often stacked on shelves inside blind cabinet spaces, like spices, dry ingredients, or small appliances you use daily.

Kitchen corners are a challenge to keep organized, but with the right creative storage solutions, even these pesky spots can be put to work. Whether you choose a set of narrow corner pullout drawers or a complete corner pantry design, these unconventional kitchen storage ideas can significantly improve the organization of your space.

Custom Corner Cabinet

Regarding kitchen cabinets, corner storage is a fantastic way to maximize space and minimize empty corners. Whether you opt for a lazy Susan, a blind corner pull-out, or one of the many other intelligent kitchen cabinet accessories, you can create more efficient and convenient access to pantry items like spices, utensils, and decor.

Another great option is eliminating the door and leaving an entire shelving wall instead. This can give a sleek, modern look and is perfect for storing lesser-used items and creating a focal point in your kitchen. It can also free up valuable counter space in your uppers and make your kitchen feel less cluttered and claustrophobic.

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