Many substance abuse counselor jobs are available, so you should take advantage and land one as soon as possible. Learn how to get started here.

Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs: How to Get Started

Did you know a lot of people struggle with a drug addiction or substance abuse problem? Also, a lot of people die due to overdoses.

This is why you must consider becoming a substance abuse counselor. This career helps those struggling with addiction, alternative medicine, and rehabilitation.

Keep reading to find out more about substance abuse counselor jobs.


What Qualifications Are Needed

To get started as a substance abuse counselor, the first step is having a year plus of supervised experience working with someone in the field. For this level, many have a high school diploma and a certification from an approved counselor preparation program.

The most important is obtaining a degree in psychology, social work, or counseling. You should also be willing to maintain continuing education credits. This is to make sure that you have updated knowledge of the job.

Becoming Certified

To become a fully certified substance abuse counselor, one must pass a written test or presentation and have three years of full-time work experience. Academic requirements should also be met, such as holding a Master’s or Doctorate degree in counseling. These experiences should be verified by a state board or an agency.  

Additionally, applicants must complete at least 2,000 hours of supervised clinical experience. With certification at hand, you can begin looking for competitive employment in this field.  

Developing Your Counseling Practice

Does rehab work? As a substance abuse counselor, you need to develop your substance abuse counseling practice in order to effectively treat and help those in need. This will be helpful to be equipped with the things that you need to do as a counselor in drug rehab.

Developing your counseling practice includes creating a therapeutic space. It is also important to assemble a list of services that you can offer to clients. You also need to learn about your client’s insurance benefits so you can properly be paid for your services. 

Joining Professional Networks

Joining professional networks is a great way to get started as a substance abuse counselor. You can start building networks by looking into social media platforms and connecting with other professionals.

They can provide access to important resources, such as grants, scholarships, and other mentoring opportunities. You can also get have access to continuing education that will help you with your career.

Finally, professional networks can give you access to job postings. This can help you stay up to date on available positions in your field. Joining professional networks is essential for anyone looking to enter the field of substance abuse counseling.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs

Substance abuse counselor jobs is an important and highly rewarding career choice. It requires dedication, passion, and a good understanding of human behavior and mental health. If you are interested in becoming a substance abuse counselor, start by getting a relevant degree and registering with your state’s licensing board.

Develop your skills and confidence by gaining experience and joining professional networks. Take your first steps today to start an exciting new career!

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