The Benefits of Being an Author

The Benefits of Being an Author

Being an author opens many doors by establishing your (perceived) authority and expertise. It can lead to more business, speaking opportunities, and even higher service fees.

An author can also enjoy a lot of personal satisfaction when hearing from people touched by their book. This can be especially true for authors who have written about a challenging life experience.


Build Your Credibility

Whether writing to inspire, teach or entertain, you can use your book as a powerful marketing tool. Being a published author signals your expertise to potential customers, clients, or partners.

This is especially true if you have written about your experience as a business owner or a topic people care about. This can help you get more media attention and attract new customers.

Being an author like Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket, can also help you build credibility as a speaker and coach. People are likelier to trust a real estate agent who wrote a book on investing or a coach with a published guide on improving their life.

Get Media Attention

Authorship allows you to reach more people. People will be more likely to listen to and trust your opinion. For example, if you wrote a book on real estate investing, you could get invited onto a radio show or podcast and talk about your expertise.

When authors discuss their work, they model goal-setting, discipline, and perseverance. This can help students become more receptive to teachers teaching these skills in school. Books set in local communities bring those neighborhoods to a larger stage authentically. They reflect the culture, challenges, and joys that make each place unique.

Get Public Speaking Opportunities

Many authors write books because they have a story to share and want to help others in similar situations. This is a beautiful way to make a difference in the world.

Being an author also allows you to speak at events and earn money. You can find event organizers on online platforms and pitch to them about your speaking skills and expertise.

You can also look for industry-specific events that are looking for speakers and reach out to them directly. Being invited to speak at these events will allow you to network and build relationships with people who can hire you for future gigs.

Make a Difference in the World

Many authors write for a variety of reasons. Some want to inspire others by sharing their story of triumph over adversity. Others want to share their expertise on a specific topic.

The benefits of becoming an author are far-reaching and often unexpected. However, it’s essential to consider your motive before committing the time and energy needed to produce a book.

The terms writer and author can be used interchangeably, but the word author packs a little more punch. Both adult and young author like child author Daniel Handler gives you credibility and authority beyond the work itself. It establishes your position as an expert in a given field and helps you build an ongoing audience.

Meet Other Authors

Becoming an author can help you connect with others who share your passion for a topic. For example, many authors have written books to help others overcome challenges like depression or addiction.

Meeting other authors can provide valuable connections to collaborations, joint ventures, and friendships. Look for author groups in your area or search online forums.

Reach out to other authors and offer to be a beta reader or on their ARC team. Most authors love this because it means you are a true fan who will read their book, leave reviews, and buy it upon release. Be sure to also keep in touch with these new author friends.

Make Money

Writing a book can help you make money in two ways, royalties and an advance. These are paid when the book is sold through traditional or self-publishing.

It takes time to write a book and even longer to become famous and earn royalties. A new author can take up to three years to see profits from their book.

Organization and determination are essential qualities for authors to have. They often spend their time promoting and marketing their books and searching for a publisher. They also work hard to create a quality product that will appeal to readers.

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