You need to work to live, but you don't need to live to work. Learn about the best jobs for work life balance along with the worst ones too in this guide.

The Best Jobs for Work Life Balance (and the Worst Ones Too!)

The best work life balance jobs are positions that allow employees to set flexible hours or work from home. Work that can accommodate personal development, leisure activities, and professional results are ideal. 

Insufficient time off and benefits, such as no paid vacation or sick days, can turn a job from a dream to a nightmare. Consider which job offers the best overall benefits for yourself and your lifestyle!

You can find jobs where you can spend the minimum amount of time and still earn a comfortable living. Let’s look at a few of the best jobs for work life balance and see whether or not they are a viable option to pick up.


Orthodontist and Dental Assistant

An orthodontist and dental assistant are all great professions. However, orthodontists enjoy great flexibility when it comes to their hours. Dental assistants often enjoy being part of a team and ensuring that clients receive quality care. 

Orthodontists and dental assistants are in very high demand. Unless a specific contract is met, there is usually a great deal of flexibility regarding scheduling and working hours.

Being a dental assistant, though, has the worst job for work life balance between the two. While they have the flexibility, their hours may be longer or more demanding than an orthodontist.

Physician Assistant

If you’re seeking a good balance between your career and personal life, becoming a physician assistant is one of the best careers. PAs have the advantage of choosing their hours and scheduling their patients. It allows a more flexible lifestyle.

Additionally, PAs can work in multiple areas of medicine and have a wide range of options for specialization. However, it’s best to remember how to achieve a work life balance as a physician assistant. Despite its potential, some areas of PA work can be stressful due to tight deadlines, long hours, and complex patient cases.

Emergency rooms and rural settings, in particular, can be demanding. There are limited resources and constant pressure to reach decisions fast.

Software and Web Developer

Software and web developers are lucky enough to have one of the best jobs for work life balance. Their jobs are often flexible, allowing them to work from home if needed. They often get to pick which hours of the day they have off and when they need to be available.

On the flip side, it’s best to learn how to choose a job or a good project. Web developers and software engineers can sometimes have long hours if deadlines are approaching soon. Without proper management, your career may end up hurting your personal life.

It’s best to learn and read more about how to balance your work and personal life. Also, as a software or web developer, you must keep up with the current trends. You can sometimes be put under repetitive stress and sometimes feel isolated while working. In this job, set boundaries and monitor your stress levels.

Find the Best Jobs for Work Life Balance to Avoid Stress

To find the right career path, research the job and its benefits. Achieving a desirable work life balance will depend on your circumstances. Evaluate your situation before settling on one of the best jobs for work life balance. Do thorough research and read reviews from current and past employees.

With the right job, you can succeed in balancing your personal and professional goals. Remember to take advantage of workplace benefits that may help. Take the next step and find the right job today!

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