There are several types of metal roofing that you have to choose from for your home. Learn more about your options right here.

The Common Types of Metal Roofing for Your House

Can you only choose among metal, shingles, or asphalt?

There’s a world of metal roofing options out there. While it may not always be mandatory to replace your roof, it can be a fantastic upgrade to your home’s curb appeal, as well as its durability and longevity.

Are you wondering what the best metal roof for your house would be? Check out our guide below for the different types of metal roofing that help make your home shine.


Standing Seam

Standing Seam metal roofing is a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. It is made from sheets of metal that are strong and durable, and it is easy to install. The metal is cut into panels that are then placed onto the roof of a house.

The panels are then locked seam together and sealed using a special adhesive. The seal ensures that water and moisture do not penetrate the roof. The strength and durability of Standing Seam metal roofing makes it a great choice for those looking to upgrade the structure of their home and provide it with an attractive finish. 


Shake-Inspired is a pioneering house roofing company providing customers with an inventive take on traditional home roofing styles. With a variety of modern metal roofing options, your house can take on a brand new look.

From steel shingle roofs to copper shake panels, Shake-Inspired offers metal roofing that provides a perfect balance of rustic charm and modern durability. The roofing is also designed to block out rain, snow, and damage caused by heavy winds. Plus, metal roofing is easy to install and can last up to fifty years with minimal maintenance. 


Tile-Inspired offers a range of metal roofing designs for the home. They offer traditional metal cladding as well as modernized, designer-roof panels that come in a variety of colors ranging from classic reds, whites, blues to more trendy rust, gray and black hues.

They come in a wide range of looks from Euro-shingles and Tuscan terracotta to wood shake and slate panels. This type of metal roofing is great for modernizing a home, but still maintaining a traditional look. Tile-Inspired also offers metal shingles with specially designed shapes which can create attractive designs that can completely change the exterior look of a home. 


Slate-Inspired metal roofing is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. The natural beauty of hand-cut slate roofing with three dimensional design options, the superior strength and durability of metal, and the affordability of Slate-Inspired roofing makes it an ideal choice.

Its lightweight composition and customizable color options allow you to easily match your roof to the rest of your home. The superior performance and class-A fire ratings also make this an ideal roofing system, allowing you to rest easy knowing you have a safe and stylish roof over your head. Click this website to get the best roofing trends today.

All About the Different Types of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a great option for any home, providing durability, protection, and style for your home. Whether you choose galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper roofing, you are making an investment in the value of your house.

Contact a roofing professional to learn more about the different types of metal roofing and pick the one that works best for your house.

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