There are several types of roof tiles that you have to choose from for your home. Learn more about your options right here.

The Different Types of Roof Tiles for Your House

Do you feel like your house is missing something? Have you ever noticed that no matter who lives in a certain house, everyone notices the roof?

If you want to make a statement with your house and spruce up the look, then roof tiles might be something you want to look into. A wide variety of roof tiles will make your house stand out from all the others.

Read about the different types of roof tiles available and discover which is perfect for you!


Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are one of the most classic and timeless roofing options. They are highly durable and last 30-50 years or more when properly maintained.

Clay roof tiles come in various shapes and sizes, giving you a variety of design possibilities. They are also available in various colors, textures, and thicknesses to fit any home’s aesthetic.

Clay roof tiles are an excellent option for homeowners who love the traditional look of a Spanish or Mediterranean-style home. They are also fairly low-maintenance and keep homes cooler than other home roofing options.

Durable Slate

Slate is one of the most durable types of roof tiles homeowners can install for their house. It is a natural stone that comes in various hues and can have a striking, long-lasting look.

Slate is fire-resistant, so it will not easily catch fire or burn. Additionally, it is also highly resistant to frost and moisture and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Its longevity has been reported to be as long as two centuries in some cases.

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles absorb energy from the sun and convert it to electricity, reducing the need for electricity generated by fossil fuels. As solar tiles are designed to look like normal roof tiles, they are easy to blend into the existing design of your home, making them the perfect option for eco-friendly homeowners. They are also highly durable and come in various styles to fit the aesthetic of your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an excellent option for homeowners seeking a durable and resilient roofing material. It is fire-resistant, waterproof, and highly reflective. Metal roofing can be made from aluminum, steel, or copper and comes in various styles.

Metal roofing is available in sheets, shingles, tiles, and panels and can be painted in various colors. Metal roofing can also help reduce energy costs since its reflective nature helps keep your house cooler in warm climates and warmer in colder climates.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are a popular and cost-effective choice for roof tiles, requiring minimal maintenance and suitable for all climates. They contain sand, cement, and water, among other materials, and can be glazed or unglazed.

Glazed concrete tiles have an additional weather-resistant coating on the surface and provide more protection against the elements than unglazed tiles. Concrete tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and weights, allowing for more customization. When installing a roof, make sure to contact a reliable local roofing company for the best results.

Choose the Best Among the Types of Roof Tiles

The number of different types of roof tiles available for your house is impressive. Choose one that complements the home as well as suits your budget. For advice on the best roof tiles for your home, contact your local roofing professionals. They’ll help you select the perfect tiles for your house.

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