The Importance of Choosing a Certified Auto Body Shop

The Importance of Choosing a Certified Auto Body Shop

The last thing you want to go through after a car accident is expensive, time-consuming repair work that does not return your car to its pre-accident state.

That is why it’s important to exercise some due diligence and choose a certified auto body shop.

Manufacturer-certified shops must follow strict rules and use OEM parts designed specifically for your car make. These factors ensure that your vehicle will be repaired to its original specifications.


Quality Repairs

The repairs must be done correctly when repairing your vehicle after a collision. A certified auto body shop Denver CO is held to a higher standard, and its technicians receive training to fix specific cars properly. It’s also important that your shop has experience working on your make and model.

Ask them if you need to find out whether a shop is certified. They should happily show you their certificates and logos demonstrating their industry standards. To save you time by handling all the paperwork, it’s a good idea to find out if the store offers comprehensive insurance coordination.

Lastly, it’s important to determine what materials the shop will use for your repairs. For example, do they use new, used, or aftermarket parts? New parts are usually the best choice, but they can be expensive. Also, determine if they will use refinishing techniques on your car’s paint job.

Peace of Mind

A certified body shop understands the importance of following your car manufacturer’s repair guidelines. They know that if they do not, it could result in the vehicle’s safety and function being compromised after the repair.

A licensed body shop will also communicate with your insurance provider to ensure the claim is handled properly and fully compensated. They also recognize the need to keep in touch with you along the process so you know what is happening.

Some uncertified companies may also use shortcuts to expedite the repair procedure and lower prices.

This may result in problems like a faulty airbag or the need to fix an ineffective automatic emergency braking system.

 A certified shop will follow your car manufacturer’s specifications for properly repairing and using the correct equipment. This will help maintain your automobile’s functioning properly and safeguard your warranty.


A certified shop is typically held to high repair standards and will offer a warranty on their work. The contract will vary from shop to shop. Still, typically it includes a paint manufacturer warranty (like PPG or BASF) for as long as you own the vehicle, a metalwork warranty on any welds in the repaired area and a parts warranty that matches the part manufacturers’ short parts warranties.

Choosing an OEM-certified shop is important because some new vehicle repairs require more specialized training. For example, fender benders with newer vehicles may require bumper sensors or cameras connected to the car’s computer system. These components are only possible if they are correctly replaced. OEM-certified shops must scan the vehicle for these problems and follow specific rules when performing a repair. This will help you avoid costly and unwarranted maintenance in the future.


Besides providing premier customer service, quality of work, and fair pricing, certified body shops are known for their great reputations. They are trusted and respected by customers, auto manufacturers, and insurance companies.

With the advancements in the design and construction of cars, auto body shops must adapt and keep up with these changes. As a result, they must obtain OEM certification to work on certain car makes.

In addition, certified auto body shops are connected to a network of genuine parts suppliers. This means that they can get the right parts promptly. Moreover, they are more likely to use simple and branded features that will last longer and keep you safe on the road. This is a significant reason you should always choose a certified auto body shop for vehicle repair needs. They’ll ensure the repairs are done correctly so you can return your automobile to the manufacturer in good shape.

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