There are several types of AC compressors that you have to choose from for your house. Learn more about your options right here.

The Main Types of AC Compressors for Your Home

Homeowners can choose from a variety of options when it comes to an AC compressor.

There are several compressor types with many differences between them. If you want to buy an air conditioner, knowing the different types of AC compressors can help you choose the best one.

Once installed in your home, you don’t want to have trouble understanding how to use it. This article will go through the detailed types of AC compressors that you can purchase.

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Reciprocating Air Conditioner Compressor

One of the most common types of air conditioner compressors used in a home AC unit is the reciprocating type. A reciprocating compressor is a piston-driven design that works off of pistons that move back and forth in a “reciprocal” motion. This compresses the refrigerant gas and forces it down the line to the evaporator.

This type of compressor is well suited to the demands of a residential air conditioning system and is one of the most common in many homes today. Reciprocating air conditioner compressors have moderate efficiency. They are relatively low-cost to install and operate and need minimal maintenance.

They are quite reliable and can be expected to last for many years. A bonus is that they are often quieter than other types of compressors, as the noise they generate is muffled by the walls of their enclosed housing.

Centrifugal Air Conditioning Compressor

It is a type of positive displacement air compressor utilizing two rotors to draw and compress air. These compressors are used in industrial and home, as they are efficient and effective.

It works by drawing in cool air, compressing it to increase the temperature, and then releasing this warmer air into the home. This type of compressor is known for:

  • reliability
  • robustness
  • low noise levels

The centrifugal compressor is the most common type of AC compressor found in most domestic units. It is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. It is renowned for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. This makes it a popular choice for homes and other similar applications.

Scroll Air Conditioning Compressor

Scroll AC compressors are very popular in any home AC system. They are quieter than other options, often quieter than the air conditioner itself.

They are energy efficient because the cooling process is more efficient, and the lack of noise means lower energy costs. They are often more durable than other models and will last longer.

Also, it is crucial to maintain a valid contact number for any AC repair services that you might require. This precaution will help you avoid any unnecessary delays in getting your AC fixed.

Rotary Air Conditioning Compressor

Rotary compressors are known for their efficient operation compared to other types, as they work by using an offset drive shaft that rotates inside an oval-shaped and closely fitted chamber. This creates a pumping action that forces refrigerant throughout the system.

The components of a rotary air conditioning compressor are relatively simple, requiring very few moving parts, which leads to fewer breakdowns and lower energy costs over time. Additionally, rotary air conditioning compressors are quiet, small in size, and have a low vibration level.

Discovering the Types of AC Compressors

AC compressors are an essential part of your home’s HVAC system. Depending on your home’s size and specific needs, there are several main types of compressors to choose from.

If you’re interested in getting an AC compressor for your home, consider looking into the types of AC compressors mentioned above and start saving on your energy bills today.

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