Who doesn't love a backyard swim on a nice day? Whether you've just built a backyard pool or have had one, you should consider an enclosure.

To Enclose or Not to Enclose a Backyard Pool

Are you thinking of building your dream pool? The backyard pool is a great investment. It will keep you and your family cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and give you an excellent space for entertaining.

There are pros and cons to doing this. It’s always a solid investment as long as you know what you’re doing. Enclosing the pool can be a bit of a hassle. There are a bunch of things to think about.

Let’s talk about whether you should enclose your pool or not.


Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Enclose a Pool

Some factors to consider before deciding to enclose a pool include the local climate, entertaining purposes, privacy, and noise levels. If the area is known for strong winds, high winds may damage an enclosure.

If entertainment is at the heart of the decision, then enclosing the pool is a great way to easily create an added space for hosting guests. If privacy or noise levels are a factor, then enclosing the pool may be a good choice for a buffering sound and providing peace and quiet. 

Benefits of Fencing in a Backyard Pool

Fencing in a backyard pool has several benefits, from safety in helping to prevent unsupervised children from getting access to the pool to some local municipalities requiring fencing for legal compliance. Fencing also helps to protect the pool from leaves and other debris, which can reduce the amount of maintenance needed. 

A fence around the pool could also improve the curb appeal of the home and add value to the property. Check out PyramidAluminum.com to learn more about the benefits of fencing. 

Maximizing Outdoor and Indoor Space With Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures can extend the life of your pool and create an outdoor living space that’s usable year-round. You can maximize outdoor and indoor space in relevant applications. 

If a homeowner wishes to have open access to their pool from indoors, an enclosure may be a perfect choice. A pool enclosure helps contain pool-related activities in a dedicated spot, reducing noise pollution and debris. This reduces also the need for pool maintenance.

Understanding the Cost of Pool Enclosure

When considering enclosing a backyard pool, the cost is the primary factor to consider. On average, an enclosure can range from $13,000 to $20,000 in labor and materials. If you choose to DIY a pool enclosure – don’t! This project requires professional installation.

Be sure to consider warranties, environmental factors, and what type of materials you would like the enclosure to be made from. The best materials are durable and strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Make Sure to Secure Your Backyard Pool

To wrap up, it is important to think through all possible options when deciding whether or not to enclose a backyard pool. From liability to protection and even utility, there are multiple factors to consider.

Researching your options and weighing the pros and cons will help you make the best decision for your pool space. Seek the help of an experienced professional to make sure your enclosing plans are safe, efficient, and successful.

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