Why Choose a Virtual Guitar Instructor is a Nice Move

Why Choose a Virtual Guitar Instructor is a Nice Move

Whether through his YouTube videos or one-on-one guitar lessons, online guitar instructors can teach students very engagingly. They make things simple and understandable, which helps a lot with retention.

They also take complex topics, such as music theory, and explain them very straightforwardly.



Online lessons offer a great deal of flexibility for students. They can be taken at any time of day or night and don’t have to conflict with a student’s schedule. It’s a flexible way to learn guitar for those who work outside the home or have busy family lives.

Aspiring guitarists can learn the basics of music theory, chords, and scales on their own via the internet. However, the more advanced techniques (performance practice, work ethics of practicing, physical processes such as finger independence and economy of motion, etc.) are best learned in person with a professional teacher.

Most reputable online platforms partner with experienced and skilled instructors to provide a competitive quality with in-person lessons. Online guitar learning also provides the benefit of learning from instructors who specialize in specific genres or playing styles. This can be a great advantage for students with their hearts set on one particular type of music, such as rock or blues.

When choosing a virtual guitar instructor, it’s essential to have a clean and distraction-free environment to conduct the lessons. It’s also necessary to have a device with a large screen (preferably a laptop or desktop computer, but a tablet or smartphone will do) and a good internet connection to see your teacher clearly and communicate well. For optimal results, try to use a dual-camera setup with the larger device for viewing your teacher and the smaller device to focus on hands and placement. This will help eliminate glare and distortion and ensure your teacher can see you. It also helps to have some inspiration in your learning space — a few posters of your favorite guitar players can go a long way toward prompting you to take the time needed to improve and perfect your skills!


If you have a teacher that is right for you, they’ll be able to help you focus on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. They’ll also be able to point out your successes and celebrate them with you. This will save you at least months and often years of random learning from questionable, un-vetted sources that self-proclaim to teach correct information and technique.

Many online learning platforms, such as Forbes Music Company, provide a community of learners where students can get feedback and guidance. This can be similar to what you might find at an in-person guitar class but is often offered on a bigger scale.

Online lessons also offer the ability to record and watch back, making practice more straightforward. This can help reduce the barriers hindering progress and stifle creativity. However, if your internet connection isn’t reliable, it can disrupt the lesson flow and even derail it altogether. This can be frustrating if it happens too frequently.


Online learning can be much cheaper, especially for students who wish to learn with a more experienced instructor. While it is possible to string together free YouTube videos and create a home-spun path to guitar greatness, having an instructor is worthwhile in providing a straightforward way toward a desired goal.

Some online instructors offer live virtual lessons that combine self-serve lessons that systematically build foundational skills for new players and live coaching for students who need it. Other instructors provide a range of digital learning tools, practice charts, and backing tracks that help students to manage their learning.

An online learning platform that takes interaction to the next level, enabling students to ask their tutors questions and send in video clips of their playing so they can receive immediate feedback on their progress. This is a unique feature that sets them apart from other online platforms and gives the teacher a chance to see how their student is progressing in a way that would be difficult to accomplish through a recording alone.


Whether via video conferencing software or even the built-in camera on your device, teaching online gives students access to guitar instructors worldwide. This is great for students looking for a guitar teacher that better matches their learning style and lifestyle.

Teachers can use tools that help make their instruction more effective regarding online lessons. For example, by requiring students to upload assignments for feedback and guidance, teachers can ensure their students actively practice the skills they’ve learned.

Some instructors also create play-along songs and supplemental worksheets for their students, which can be accessed on demand. Additionally, instructors can use tools to reward students when they complete a course. This can act as a great motivator and increase course completion rates. This is especially important for students who are just starting and have a long road to becoming proficient guitarists.

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