Looking to improve your home's curb appeal? Here are a few front of house landscaping ideas to help you create a beautiful, inviting home entrance.

4 Front of House Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Home

When it comes to investing in your home, landscaping projects are becoming popular. This list includes simple additions like potted plants and unique touches like treehouses. In fact, according to a survey, the landscaping market in the US is worth $128.8 billion.

What started as a way to increase home value is now bringing joy and beauty right into our own backyards. Rather than settle for a brown lawn and an average garden, you can mix creativity, style, and function to create something beautiful.

Are you interested in learning more about front yard decor ideas? Read on to discover our front of house landscaping ideas to transform your home.


1. Install a Decorative Fence

A decorative fence acts as a backdrop for your outdoor living area and makes a great accent to showcase your home’s frontage. Whether you prefer the classic look of white picket fences or a more rustic look with split bamboo and natural timber, you can install a fence that complements your home’s look.

You can even add embellishments like finials, picket caps, post caps, and ornamental post accents to add additional interest to your design. Installing a decorative fence in front of your house is a great way to enhance your home’s exterior space.

2. Add Colorful Ground Cover and Shrubs 

Adding a few colorful ground cover plants around your home can make a huge difference to its overall look. As well as brightening your garden, they also help to reduce weeds. Drought-tolerant ground covers such as thyme, sedums, and ajuga can take the heat and the sun while still looking great.

Meanwhile, Japanese anemones, pot marigolds, and yarrows are great flower choices for adding a splash of color. When it comes to shrubs, consider evergreens as a low-maintenance option. Camellias, boxwoods, hollies, and hydrangeas can add a touch of color while also acting as a windbreak.

Finally, land clearing should be the first step when adding ground cover and shrubs. Clearing away dead and overgrown shrubs and foliage allows space for new and vibrant ground cover and shrubs to take their place.

3. Create a Vegetable Garden

Another great idea to transform your front yard is to create a beautiful vegetable garden. This could include herbs, flowers, and vegetables in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

It is also important to include plenty of texture and contrasting hues to help create an attractive design. Vegetables need to be planted in a large sunny location and well-drained soil to ensure they thrive. Additionally, planting different flower species attracts a variety of beneficial insects to help pollinate the vegetables.

4. Incorporate Garden Lanterns

Garden lanterns provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting element that can be tailored to your personal style. Set up the lanterns along walkways to provide guidance for visitors. You can also place them on either side of your front porch for an inviting ambiance.

When using the garden lanterns outdoors, choose the ones designed for wet locations. Placing these fixtures in areas where there are more trees will better protect them from the elements.

Creative Front of House Landscaping Design

Front of house landscaping is an excellent way to transform your home and make it look and feel warm and inviting. With thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and creative front-house landscaping ideas, you can create a lasting effect that will have guests admiring your home’s curb appeal. Start planning your makeover today and begin enjoying your newly transformed home.

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