4 Home Improvement Tips for a Functional Yet Attractive Family Home

4 Home Improvement Tips for a Functional Yet Attractive Family Home

When you are at the heart of a vibrant, loving, and noisy family unit, it can often feel as if you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to wanting a functional yet beautiful family home.

However, fortunately, there are numerous ways to balance this need for practicality and the desire for stunning interior design.

With this in mind, here are four home improvement tips for a functional yet attractive family home.


1.    Install a Kitchen Island

Even though the first point on this list is a slightly more expensive home improvement option, the benefits far outweigh the initial outlay in terms of functionality and aesthetic value.

The installation of a kitchen island in your kitchen will result in the space becoming as on-trend as possible while also providing a communal space for the whole family to gather for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2.    A Functioning Fireplace

Another amazingly effective way of increasing the overall aesthetic attractiveness of your home, in particular your living room, is to invest in a stunning yet affordable fireplace unit from the prestigious supplier stonewoods.co.uk.

Even though it is obviously entirely up to you the room you choose to install your new fireplace unit, traditionally, they are usually located in either the living room or the bedroom. There are numerous advantages to installing a fireplace, not least for the picture-perfect family movie nights with the fire roaring and everyone snuggled together in their pajamas.

3.    Laminate Flooring

You will probably be all too aware of the frustration, not to mention the feelings of disappointment when you have spent an hour or more diligently hoovering and cleaning the carpets throughout your home, only for your children to drop food, spill paint, or trample across them in their muddy shoes.

One home improvement which will eradicate this frustration once and for all would be to make the decision to replace your carpets with laminate flooring, ideally throughout the lower floor of your home.

Just a selection of the primary benefits of installing laminate flooring include:

  • Surprisingly easy and speedy to install
  • Much less expensive than hardwood flooring
  • Strong, durable, and scratch-resistant materials
  • Hypoallergic properties
  • Versatile for any room of any size
  • Easy to maintain and clean

In addition, if you are sharing your home, or indeed intend to do so in the future, with an elderly parent or another family member who is a wheelchair user, laminate flooring will make it much easier for them to get around.

4.    An Outdoors Playroom

Obviously, installing an outdoor playroom is impractical in the winter months. Still, throughout the warmer summertime, an outdoor playroom will drastically reduce the level of mess inside the home.

Depending entirely on the age of your children, you can choose to construct and decorate the playroom as applicable, and as your children grow and their interests and hobbies change and evolve, so too can the design of the playroom.

With these tips, your home will be a functional and attractive haven for your family to enjoy life.

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