Some roofing issues should be addressed as soon as they happen. Here are 5 signs that you may need emergency roof repair.

5 Signs You Need Emergency Roof Repair

Did you know that storm damage costs billions yearly? If you find yourself on the edge of needing emergency roof repair, you wish that this was just for your peace of mind. Roof damage can mean increased damage to your home.

Don’t delay in finding emergency roof repair in Winnipeg. We have the expertise to repair your roof quickly, safely, and to your satisfaction.

Here is our ultimate guide on the signs you need emergency roof repair services.


1. Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is one telltale sign you may need emergency roof repair. Sagging in the roof usually occurs when the roof has been exposed to too much weight or moisture. You may notice that your roof is drooping from some regions of the structure. 

If you notice any sagging around your roof, contact a roofing company to assess the situation. This is a sign you need emergency roof repair, and the longer you wait to address this issue, the worse the damage may become.

2. Higher Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden jump in your energy bills, it could be a sign you need emergency roof repair. Old, damaged, or worn-out roofs may not protect your home as well as they should, allowing your air conditioner or heater to overcompensate to stay at the required temperature. Not only does this result in higher energy bills, but it may leave damaging gaps in your roof for water, snow, and birds to enter.

3. Discoloration of the Roof

Signs you need emergency roof repair can include discoloration of the roof. Discoloration of the roof can be a sign of fungal growth, aging shingles, water damage, or poor ventilation. Fungal growth will appear on the top as black, blue, gray, green, or white patches.

Aging shingles will begin to curl and warp, loosening their hold on the roof. Water damage often appears as dark patches on the top. Poor ventilation can be caused by snow and ice buildup on the roof.

4. Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you notice sections of your roof that don’t have shingles, that means small amounts of water have already been allowed to enter the structure of the building. If you can see broken or damaged shingles, you should get your roof inspected.

Cracked shingles signify that the roof needs to be repaired, as the shingles no longer provide adequate protection to the structure. Roof repair services are necessary to fix the issue immediately.

5. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and overflow, resulting in water seeping into the home and creating an environment conducive to mold growth.

In addition, the weight of the accumulated waste can cause the gutters to detach from the house, which could lead to structural damage if roof maintenance is not done accordingly.

Signs if You Need Roof Repairs

Your roof is an integral part of keeping your home safe and secure. If you notice any of the signs listed, it’s vital to have an emergency roof repair completed as soon as possible. Contact a qualified and experienced roof repair service today to get your roof back to total health.

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