Are you interested in remodeling your home's landscaping? Click here for five helpful tips for hiring a local landscaping company that you can rely on.

5 Tips for Hiring a Local Landscaping Company

Who doesn’t like the idea of taking a sad and worn-looking yard and turning it into something beautiful? Hiring a local landscaping company will turn your yard into an asset and not a place to walk across to get to the front door.

Wondering how to find and hire the right landscaping company for your property? We’ve got the inside scoop on what to keep an eye out for.

Keep reading for the biggest tips on finding the best landscaping companies.


1. Identify Your Landscaping Goals and Budget

Before you begin you should determine what kind of landscaping you’re envisioning. Such as trees, shrubs, flower beds, and any water or stone features you’d like included. You should be aware of your budget and determine an estimated cost you’re willing to spend.

Once you’ve identified your goals and budget, research and shortlist potential companies. Narrowed it down, request a quote from the company, and clear about the details of the project. Read through the contract before signing it and make sure all the details are correct, such as the cost and timeline.

2. Look for a Company With a Strong Local Reputation

A good reputation can be earned through providing consistent, quality services. Ask neighbors or friends who they recommend. Read online reviews to get an idea of the company’s level of customer service and the quality of the work they’ve done.

Look for a company that has the specialized knowledge and necessary certifications to ensure quality work. It’s key to ensure the company is insured, has experienced contractors and employees, and works with quality and reliable materials. Also, view past work done by the company and request a detailed plan for the job.

3. Consider the Types of Services Offered

Landscaping services can range from small projects such as minor lawn maintenance, trimming, and pruning. And large-scale full-service landscaping jobs such as patio installation and landscape design.

Before hiring a landscape company, ensure that they can provide the services you need. Ask them for references from previous customers and to explain their design process and the timeline for completion. 

4. Get an On-Site Evaluation

Doing on-site evaluation allows the prospective company to assess the needs of the project and give an estimate of the cost. It is also important to view examples of the company’s previous work in landscaping and design to make sure that they are capable of doing a quality job.

This will also allow the landscaper to assess the needs of your particular project and give you an opportunity to discuss your ideas and make sure that the right plan is in place.

5. Ask for References and Verified Reviews

Ask if the company has any references you can speak to and contact them to get a better understanding of their experience. Researching online customer reviews can also provide valuable insights into a company’s customer service standards, work quality, and value for money.

Instagram and Facebook are also useful for finding reviews, as is looking for reviews from local business review websites. Make sure reviews are verified by the company, or else they could be fake or manipulated.

Hire the Best Local Landscaping Company Today

By following these tips, you can be sure to make a wise decision when it comes to hiring a local landscaping company. Your landscaped yard will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Don’t hesitate – contact a local landscaping company today and get your project started!

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