Benefits of Concealment Gear

Concealment gear helps to keep a gun concealed in the body, making it easy to draw and use if needed. Some concealment gears are lightweight, while others are heavier. Regardless of choice, you should ensure that the equipment you choose is comfortable and can be removed quickly.


Disadvantages of concealment gear

concealment gear can come in different forms and styles. Some are very effective, while others have disadvantages. For example, they are sometimes more discreet than one would like. On the other hand, the drawback of shoulder holsters is that they do not hide the weapon. As such, they are only ideal for some.

Shoulder holsters

Shoulder holsters allow quick gun access while maintaining the weapon above your hip. It prevents the firearm from digging into your side while moving. Moreover, you can put the holster on and off quickly. In addition, some holsters come with multiple adjustment points so that you can customize them according to your comfort level.

Another benefit of shoulder holsters is their concealment capabilities. Unlike other forms of concealed carry, shoulder holsters can help you carry your gun without being noticed. This article discusses the disadvantages.

Lightweight coats

Lightweight coats are a great way to conceal a holster in the winter. They’re also comfortable to wear most of the year. So whether you want to hide a paddle, shoulder holster, or any other type, there’s a lightweight coat.

These lightweight coats hide a holster in a comfortable position on your shoulder. In addition, these jackets have pockets and a built-in shoulder harness to securely conceal your firearm. The jackets also provide extra protection against the elements. However, their drawback is that they limit the type of firearms’ concealment ability are less concealable.

The primary difference between the ankle and hip holsters is concealability. Ankle holsters are less visible, making them more desirable for concealment. They are also easier to access than hip holsters, as you do not take off your clothing to pull out your gun. Hip holsters are more comfortable.

Another difference between hip and ankle holsters is the location of the holster. Ankle holsters are typically worn on the weak side of the body, which means that they are less concealed. However, they can become exposed if you wear shorts or baggier pants because they are on the ankle.

Ankle holsters work for long-barreled weapons

Ankle holsters are made from leather or polymer. In addition, many models form-fit your handgun with a safety strap to prevent accidental discharge.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to use a safety strap when walking or running since a holstered pistol can still be exposed if you hit something.

Another benefit of an ankle holster is its extreme concealability. It can be concealed under pant legs and is best worn on the non-dominant ankle. They are also convenient for people who spend most of the day sitting. However, the size of the firearm can pose a challenge depending on the length of the pants.

Another disadvantage of ankle holsters is that they are difficult to conceal. You also have to squat down or kneel to access the gun. Additionally, you must take your hands off your body before pulling the trigger.

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