Cool Vape Tricks For Beginners - Mastering the Basics

Cool Vape Tricks For Beginners – Mastering the Basics

If you’re new to vaping and want to impress your friends with some cool tricks, then look no further. These four vape tricks involve blowing vapor in specific ways to create a unique visual effect.

First up, let’s take a look at the Ghost Inhale. This trick is easy to do but looks impressive!


Ghost Inhale

Ghosting is a famous smoke trick that looks impressive but is relatively easy to learn. It requires a little practice, but once you get it, your vapor will dance around like a perfect puffball while you show off to your friends.

The first step to performing these cool vape tricks is taking a mouth hit rather than inhaling directly into the lungs. It will help you achieve a denser cloud of smoke that is easier to manipulate. The next step is exhaling the vapor slowly out of your mouth to create a ball shape. This part is essential to determine how quickly you can capture the ghost.

After you push out the vapor, you must not cough or blow out the ghost. You can then slowly breathe the ghost back in through your mouth. The faster you can suck the ghost back in, the better it will look.

You can also use your tongue to change the density of the ghost cloud if you need to. A soft flick of your tongue can make the vapor thicker and more solid, which looks more polished and refined. It is an optional step, but one many beginners find helpful to make their ghost look even more impressive. It’s also a great way to avoid dizziness, which can happen if you inhale the ghost too quickly or deeply.

O Ring

Vapor is thicker than smoke, and as such, it can be manipulated in specific ways to create tricks that look impressive. These maneuvers are called “vapor rings” and can be performed with any vaporizer. However, using a high-VG e-liquid is ideal because it will provide a thicker and denser vapor to work with.

To start, you must know how to blow a basic ring. To do this, you inhale and form a circular ‘O” shape with your lips. The size of the O will correlate to the size of the ring you will produce. Once you have mastered this trick, it’s time to get creative and try to make some more interesting shapes. For example, you can puff out a heart-shaped ring or even create the look of a dragon.

Another trick that looks amazing when mastered is the vape bend. It involves manipulating the ring you blow to direct it where you want it to go gently. It is most straightforward after you’ve mastered the O-ring and can be an excellent way to show off to friends.

If you’re lucky, the dense ring of vapor you blow will rotate itself and become a triangle, an excellent effect sure to impress. It’s important to note that this trick does not work in windy conditions as it will warp the ring. So, when you’re ready to show off your skills, close any vents or fans that may be open and prevent the trick from working.


You’ve probably seen videos of vapers displaying impressive tricks in action. While some of these tricks may seem complex and challenging, they are relatively easy for beginners. Most of the most incredible tricks require a bit of practice, but once you have the hang of it, they’ll be fun to do and will impress your friends.

One of the first and easiest tricks for beginner vapers to master is the Ghost Inhale. It is a simple yet very impressive visual trick that requires releasing a ball of vapor and then snapping it back in. It appears more complicated than it is.

The Dragon is another simple vape trick that can wow people correctly. This trick aims to make you look like a mythical dragon, which is pretty impressive and will get you some attention. To perform the Dragon, take a decently sized pull and then contort your lips to create gaps on either side of your mouth. Then, exhale the vapor through your nose and corners of your mouth to give you that dragon-like appearance.

Once you’ve mastered the O Ring, you can move on to more advanced tricks like the Jellyfish. It requires a lot of vapor, but it’s easy to do once you get the hang of it. It’s essentially just the O Ring, but you can bend it into a jellyfish shape with hand movements to add flair.


The Tornado is a vape trick that will leave your friends and peers in a spin. The trick involves creating a swirling, twisting whirlwind of vapor that looks impressive and takes practice. This trick is best suited for a VG juice and a higher wattage device such as a mod or tank, as the vapor produced tends to be thicker.

First, place your hand on a flat surface like a table or lap. Then, blow a puff of vapor from your mouth onto the surface. Once you’ve placed the vapor on the surface, please wait for it to become dense and move your hand upward. The whirlwind of vapor created will look like the Tornado in a TV show or movie.

Unlike the Ghost Inhale and O Ring tricks, this one is more difficult and will require some practice. But, once you get it down, the results will be well worth it.

The Dragon is another cool vape trick that requires some practice but can be mastered by beginners. To perform the Dragon, take a decently sized hit of vapor from your pen and inhale it through your nose. As you exhale, purse your lips together to create gaps on either side and then exhale the vapor through both sides of your mouth, looking somewhat like a dragon.

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