The Benefits of Investing in Quality Detergent and Cleaning Supplies

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Detergent and Cleaning Supplies

Businesses that require large quantities of cleaning chemicals and supplies often need to purchase them wholesale. Choosing a reputable bulk cleaning supply supplier can help save businesses money in the long run.


Safer Ingredients

Cleaning products are not required to list ingredients under federal law; the information must be clarified even when they do. Some of the chemicals used in cleaners are known to irritate or burn the skin, eyes, and throat, trigger asthma attacks, or act as hormone disruptors and increase cancer risk. Many companies are providing more information about their cleaning product ingredients. Some display the ingredients on product labels to give buyers confidence, while others offer more transparency about end products and supply networks. Consumers are paying more attention to product ingredient lists and comparing risks associated with specific components.

If you want safer cleaning supplies, consider working with a company like the Sheets Laundry Club that offers bulk products or eco-friendly refills. This can help reduce waste and lower operating costs by reducing the number of products you purchase. 

Better Odor Control

Having a stock of bulk cleaning supplies in the facility makes it easier to keep up with cleaning demands. This makes the cleaning staff more productive because they do not have to constantly go back and forth from the supply room.

Purchasing from an online wholesale supplier that offers various cleaning chemicals and supplies will help your business reduce operational costs by reducing transportation and energy expenses. They can also offer various options for packaging sizes, making it easy to meet your facility’s unique storage requirements.

It is important to remember that some bulk cleaning supplies have a short shelf life and should be stored properly to ensure proper usage. Purchasing from a supplier with an extensive selection of high-quality cleaning solutions with a long shelf life is the best way to minimize waste. This is especially true for paper towels used in many facilities.

Easier to Use

Keeping a supply of readily available products helps reduce the chance of staff running out of cleaning products at unexpected times. It makes for easier cleanup and faster reaction to accidents such as spills or leaks. It’s also an eco-friendly approach to buying supplies, using less packaging and cutting down on energy, fuel, transportation, and other operational costs. Additionally, once you know how much product your business typically goes through, it’s easy to make a bulk order and save even more.

Creative storage solutions, such as adhesive hooks or towel bars, can keep various cleaning supplies handy.

Convenient Storage

Keeping cleaning products organized and convenient can help you stick with your routine. Whether you’re storing cleaning chemicals in the basement, the garage, or a closet in your home, investing in organizers and storage solutions can make keeping your products within reach easier.

Consider utilizing shelf dividers to categorize your supplies and keep them from mixing. This allows you to find what you need quickly and helps prevent over-stocking. Similarly, use baskets or bins to group items and label them accordingly for easy access.

Store frequently used products in inaccessible locations, such as the kitchen sink or bathroom cabinets. However, be careful not to store hazardous products in these spaces. 

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