Four Reasons to Burn Oak Firewood

If you’re looking for a good firewood source, consider using oak. This type of wood is dense and produces a great deal of heat. It’s also cheaper and easier to split than the ones you can find at In addition, oak firewood produces less black smoke than other types of firewood. This makes it a great choice for any outdoor fire.


Produces More Heat

White Oak firewood is one of the best types of wood for warming your home. Because of its high density and low moisture content, it burns slower than other hardwoods and produces less pollution. This means you can use it for longer without worrying about burning out. Besides that, it’s easy to split and provides cleaner fuel.

There are several types of oak available, with different characteristics. For example, red oak, bur oak, and white oak. Despite these differences, each wood produces about 25 to 30 million BTUs per cord. 

Oak firewood is less expensive than other kinds of wood and is easier to find and season. It also produces fewer sparks, which can be a safety hazard. Because of these advantages, oak is an exceptional wood for fireplaces and outdoor heaters. In addition, it is a great choice for home heating, as it has a high BTU output.

Easier to Split

The first step in burning oak firewood is to split it. This will allow the seasoning process to begin. Splitting the log will also help the heat of the fire spread throughout the entire log. You should cut the wood into round pieces 12 to 20 inches long. The smaller the diameter, the easier it will be to split.

Splitting oak is a lot easier when you have a hydraulic splitter. Oak takes a long time to dry. After about two years, it will be ready to burn. Three or four years is better. Oak firewood must be seasoned to obtain maximum energy.

Split firewood is also easier to light than whole logs. This is because the bark is a natural flame retardant. The bark has a lower density than the wood. Split firewood has less bark covering its outer surface, making it easier to ignite.


Oak firewood has a high heat value and can be obtained in abundance. It burns cleaner than other types of wood so you will get less smoke, but the wood is heavier. If you prefer oak firewood that produces less smoke, try White Oak instead of Red Oak. White Oak trees are much larger than Red Oak trees and are much easier to split. They take a long time to grow, but their long, straight grains make them easy to split.

You can also purchase cheap firewood at a local farm or feed store. Several of these places sell bundles of firewood for around $5. Regular customers report that these stores only charge a small premium over the wood you buy at the store. Another great source of firewood is shipping pallets. You must ensure that the pallet is free of nails and other metals.

While wood is cheaper than fossil fuels, some disadvantages must be considered. One disadvantage is the cost of delivery. Firewood delivery services charge roughly $2 per mile. If you need to buy a cord of firewood, you may want to hire a professional. However, firewood delivery service costs depend on where you live.

Produces Less Black Smoke

If you want to enjoy the beautiful blaze of a campfire, choosing the right kind of wood to burn is important. Hardwoods burn more slowly and produce less smoke than softwoods. Hardwoods are also denser, so they take longer to dry.

The best firewood is made from seasoned oak. The wood of oak trees contains up to 24.0 million BTUs per cord. One cord contains 128 cubic feet of wood. Oak wood is seasoned when it has 20% moisture content. It may take up to 3 years for the oak to dry completely.

Red oak is a popular wood to burn as firewood. Red oak produces hot coals and a consistent temperature profile, which is essential for grilling. It produces less black smoke than white oak. It is also easier to chop than white oak.

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