Getting More Value Out of Your Garage

Getting More Value Out of Your Garage

If a person is going to have a home office where he or she might be meeting clients, which room would be the best? Most people think the front room, but this literally brings clients into a personal space. Instead, what many people find is that it’s easier to a have a home office that is separated from the house, providing a clear delineation between personal space and business. A garage is ideal for this type of use, except for one problem: most home garages tend to be unfinished. So, what to do? An epoxy flooring treatment is a great way to start a renovation.


Starting the Change From the Floor Upwards

Garage concrete epoxy flooring in Sarasota helps take care of the biggest space in a home and prepares it for use in terms of a far more comfortable parking space for the car, a work space, and even a home office. Ideally, the walls are already drywalled and just need a coat of paint with a finishing trim on the bottom where it meets the floor. Then, storage cabinets, a desk, furniture and various office needs are easy to add. The walls of a garage are already insulated except for the front door, so if it’s treated with insulation, a garage can easily become a functional home office once the floor is taken care of. Epoxy is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Epoxy applies as a very thick coat and layer. The result not only covers the cement completely, it creates a thick layer that blocks moisture, dampens the sound echo of cement, and it creates a minor insulating effect. In short, it functions like regular flooring in an office with a cement floor versus carpet. This treatment is also very durable and doesn’t scuff easily. It’s also very easy to clean, and epoxy retains a very clean look, which is perfect for a home office and meeting clients. Most importantly, it allows the garage to keep business separate from the personal home.

What Makes an Office Stand Out?

Appearance is the number one factor. And a professional appearance makes a huge difference. Especially with small businesses that provide unique skills, working from a home isn’t considered that odd today. However, office and workplace meeting with clients still need to be business-oriented versus looking like an unfinished garage where a car is parked.

An epoxy treatment and related changes to a garage can easily make it a perfect home office with a clean floor that is attractive to walk on, along with related finishing of the walls and fixtures. With a side entrance direct to the garage area, the home office becomes completely functional and effective.

Even if not a Business, a Finished Garage Welcomes Living Regardless

Finished flooring makes it easy to convert a garage into more living space. Whether that’s an extra kitchen, an entertainment area, a personal gym space, and work and crafting space and more, a finished room and space begs to be used on a regular basis. It’s really an advantage for a homeowner, recapturing space value for a home that is already paid for but not being used efficiently otherwise.

So, if you want more out of your home, whether for personal home improvement or for new business ventures, take advantage of garage floor coating near me. Utilizing epoxy flooring to create a viable finished space and leverages the recaptured space for more. It’s an amazingly simple way to generate more value from your home.

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