Good Reasons to Consider Teaching as a Career

Good Reasons to Consider Teaching as a Career

You may think you know what teachers do for a living, but there’s much more to the teaching profession than meets the eye. Be sure to research the requirements for teaching in your state and talk to teachers before you enroll in a program. If seeing students light up when a concept clicks and watching long-term growth makes you happy, teaching might be the right career choice.


You’ll be able to work from home.

Aside from the traditional route to becoming a teacher, many educators work online. It can be great for teachers who want to work flexible hours and don’t need the structure of a full-time job. However, it’s important to note that much teaching is done on a computer screen, and too much time spent staring at the same spot could lead to eye strain and back or neck pain. Most teachers spend hours writing lesson plans, grading assignments, and emails on their computers. They’re often also required to stand for long periods — which can cause discomfort in the knees, ankles and feet. If you think this could be the right career path, invest in an ergonomic workstation to keep your body healthy.

While some people may not be able to make teaching their primary career choice due to misperceptions about teacher pay (read more here), most people choose to become teachers because they love spending their days making an impact in the lives of young people. If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher, be sure to do your research on schools and districts in the area where you want to teach. You can easily get online teaching certificate programs to become the teacher you want to be.

You’ll have a great schedule.

The most obvious and best reason to become a teacher is the impact you’ll make in the lives of young people. Whether it’s shaping the next generation or just helping kids get through a tough time, this is why teachers do what they do. Another great thing about teaching is the dynamic work environment. There’s never a dull moment in the classroom, and there are always new experiences. Plus, most teachers have a lot of time off during the summer, winter and spring breaks. Unlike other professions where the work never stops, teachers can recharge and spend time with family.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, there are also the moments when students make you laugh out loud. 

You’ll be able to work flexible hours.

Teachers often work longer days than corporate workers, but it’s easy to balance school and life well if you’re efficient. Plus, teachers get lots of time off! Most schools have a two-week summer break, a week at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a few weeks in the winter and spring. Many teachers have a deep love and passion for the subject they teach. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and students often become passionate about the topics they’re learning about, too. Teachers also learn a lot about themselves from their students. They spend many waking hours with children, often teaching them how to deal with emotions, be independent and organized, and much more.

You’ll make a difference in the lives of young people.

Teachers make a lifelong impact on the students they instruct. Many teachers find a sense of purpose and meaning in their work. They put aside the cynicism and bureaucratic nonsense sometimes associated with the profession to focus on inspiring young people. It’s also a job that’s considered one of the most secure. Thanks to high levels of immigration, schools are growing persistently, and there will always be a younger generation that needs you to guide them and inspire them. You’ll teach them the skills and knowledge they need to grow and develop. You’ll make them laugh, think, believe and see the world in new ways. You’ll also help them learn the social skills that prepare them for adulthood. You’ll be able to build relationships with your students across different grade levels and even their families. It is something that only some other jobs can do. It’s one reason teachers often get letters from their former students thanking them for influencing their lives.

You’ll be a role model.

Teachers are role models, not just for their students but also for their colleagues. They’re trusted for their advice, guidance, and wisdom. They often spend more waking hours with their students than their parents, which means they’re shaping the next generation of adults. Acquiring important transferable abilities is one of the many benefits of teaching. It also helps to keep you on your toes and gives you a sense of purpose. There’s no such thing as a boring day in the classroom, and it’s easy to make great friends with people who have the same passion for teaching as you. Many teachers have a lot of fun with the young people they work with and enjoy seeing their students improve and learn new things. They may not always get the recognition they deserve, but there’s something about helping others that feels good. Teaching is the only job that offers more meaning and fulfillment.

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