Children are picky eaters and can easily lean towards fast food and junk food until they find the ultimate balance. To help you out, we have listed down several healthy dishes your kids will love. 


Healthy Pancakes 

Healthy pancakes are not just a myth but a reality you can enjoy daily. It’s time to hold your hand on maple syrup, whipping cream, and butter; and go a little hard on fresh fruit. You can start slow by offering them new sides and just convince your kids to give them a try. Once you get them a taste, they will soon reach for a spoonful of low-fat yogurt and fresh berries as their go-to topping.

Pitta Pocket

You will be surprised to see how well your kids take to a meal they can prepare for themselves. Growing kids love to be independent, so why not offer them a meal they can put together and enjoy. The pitta pockets are a fun and healthy choice for you and your kids, one that can easily be filled with grilled chicken pieces, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, yogurt, and other similar foods that compliment the setting.

Chicken Schnitzel with Salad

Let’s face it, kids are not into greens. Salads are the worst part of their meal, but it’s something you can make a little more interesting. Imagine a gorgeous piece of chicken breast covered with breadcrumbs fried until crispy and golden comes with a salad mixed with shredded cheese. You can start with the cheese they love and roll towards healthier options. Or you can choose to add a complimenting sauce to the salad. Anything they will be open to trying.

One-Pan Egg & Veg

The one-pan egg and veg is a delicious and filling choice. One that you can easily serve for breakfast or even brunch! A completely vegetarian choice that lets you enjoy delicious flavors while maintaining a healthy touch. You can make them a few ways, but the best one is to let the egg yolk stay soft so you can dip your toast into the running egg yolk

Salmon Burgers

If you love salmon, then this one is the best choice out there. As there is nothing more delicious than a well-prepared salmon burger. Imagine a fresh piece of salmon packed in potato fishcakes. Paired with ginger, coriander, and soy sauce. Something that your kids will love, and is super easy and healthy. 

These are some of the many dishes you can start with, and once your kids start talking to the new experiments you can add more to the load. Remember, it’s best to take it slow with kids, as they are not really open to big changes in life. The slow and steady route is the only way to ensure a lasting change.

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