How to Help Your Kids Have a Great Body Image

How to Help Your Kids Have a Great Body Image

When you have kids, you might worry about how they will see themselves and their bodies as they grow up, with many body image issues starting in childhood and the teenage years. As such, instead of leaving them to their own devices and hoping for the best, here are some of the best steps that you can take to ensure that they all have a great relationship with their bodies.


1.   Talk About Bodies

One of the best steps that you can take to ensure that your children have a great relationship with their bodies is to make sure that their body is not a taboo or off-limits subject. You should discuss any concerns that they have with them and be honest when it comes to topics such as puberty. By being open about bodies from a young age, your children will grow up understanding and respecting their bodies, especially if your focus is on how their body protects them and keeps them alive rather than their appearance.

2.   Have a Great Body Image Yourself

If you are worried about whether your children have a great body image or not, you should start with yourself and cultivate your own relationship with your body. Your kids are likely to copy and learn from what they see, and if you are often negative about the way your body looks, they may start to think negatively about their own bodies. As such, you can boost your body image by wearing clothes that fit and flatter you, such as the plus size occasion dresses that are available at Froxx. Their range of outfits can ensure that you are always able to find clothes that you love no matter what size you are. You should also change the way that you think about your body when you look in a mirror.

3.   Avoid Criticism of Their Body

Even if you are making what you think to be a harmless joke, you should always avoid being critical of your child’s body or drawing attention to it. For instance, you should avoid commenting on their weight or the changes that happen to their body during puberty. It is also important that you do not put your child on a diet. Even if you want to compliment them, you might consider looking for other ways to do so, such as complimenting their intelligence, thoughtfulness, or creativity, for instance. This can then ensure that your child does not think that their worth is tied up with their body and its appearance.

4.   Show Them How to Care for Their Bodies

If your focus is on how their bodies protect them when you are discussing your children’s bodies with them, you should also show your children how to take care of their bodies properly. For instance, you might encourage a healthy amount of physical activity and ensure that this is fun, and teach them personal hygiene habits that they can continue to perform throughout their lives. This will then ensure that your child knows how to keep their body healthy and themselves happy as they get older.

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