Backyard water features can present some issues. Check out ways to keep your water clean and running well without a lot of extra work.

How to Resolve Common Issues with Backyard Water Features

When it comes to home features that make a yard shine, backyard water features are a top choice. After all, what’s more calming than enjoying the sound of flowing water on a hot summer day?

From a relaxing spa to falling rock waterfalls, yard water features add incredible style to any outdoor area. Along with increasing your curb appeal, they also bring birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to your backyard.

But even the most amazing backyard water feature can have its issues. Here’s what you need to know about resolving common problems with backyard water features.


Identifying and Addressing Leaks

Common issues with backyard water features include leaks, especially in pond liners and pipes. To address these issues, the first step is to identify the source of the leak. If it is something that can be seen, the easiest solution is a patch or a repair kit.

If the problem is not visible, or when groundwater or a gushing leak is suspected, it is necessary to employ the services of a professional contractor. This contractor will use specialized equipment to check for leaks and identify the source.

Once the source is determined, the contractor can make the necessary repairs. To prevent further issues from occurring, a waterproof sealant should be applied to all repaired areas.

Maintaining Proper Water Levels

Proper maintenance of water levels is crucial to keeping them functioning and healthy for all parties involved. Common issues that arise include water evaporation, which can be remedied through regular refills.

To avoid overflowing, a common issue when managing water levels, drains need to be installed in the feature. Pumps also need to be monitored and maintained to ensure proper water flow. Additionally, to properly maintain water levels, a thorough cleaning is recommended.

Minimizing Clogging and Mineral Buildup

To reduce clogging, homeowners should clean and inspect the water feature regularly, particularly to remove any fallen leaves or debris. In addition, homeowners should use a quality skimmer and filter to trap any dirt or other particles that could lead to the clogging of the water feature’s plumbing.

To prevent mineral buildup, homeowners should make sure the water feature water is changed at regular intervals and that any chemicals used in the water feature are replaced according to the instructions.

Dealing With Algae Growth Issues

Algae growth can be a common problem with backyard ponds and outdoor fountains. High levels of nutrients and sunlight can cause rapid growth of algae. Affected water features can become unsightly and even unsanitary. Imagine having a beautiful angel water fountain but, unfortunately, getting covered with algae.

The key to handling an algae problem is to reduce the amount of available nutrients and sunlight that the algae need to survive. This can include:

  • Keeping the water feature clean
  • Proper maintenance
  • Adequate filtration of the water
  • Adding adequate amounts of chlorine

Maintain a Stress-Free Backyard Water Features

Overall, resolving issues with backyard water features can be a manageable task. With proper care and cleaning, utilizing the right materials, and inspecting regularly, common problems should be easy to tackle. Having a professional technician inspect your system annually is a great idea.

Make sure to keep your water feature running smoothly and looking beautiful! These tips will save you time and money while getting the problem solved.

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