How to Save Money When Hiring Professional Movers

How to Save Money When Hiring Professional Movers

If you can move your stuff yourself, this will save you money. Movers usually charge by the hour, and packing everything up is time-consuming.

Try to move during the week. Movers are busier on weekends and will charge more.

Be there on a moving day to answer movers’ questions and direct them where things go. This will help them work faster and more efficiently.


Ask Your Friends and Family

Professional movers like Lou Moves You are one of the biggest moving costs, but you can still pay top dollar. Shop around to find reputable local movers that are within your budget. Be sure to get quotes in writing and compare charges carefully. If you can, avoid paying the movers a deposit or a full upfront payment.

Ask your friends and family for a recommendation to a mover they trust. Most movers have referral programs that offer discounts to customers who refer their services to others. Ask your mover for a list of three previous clients that you can call to discuss their experiences with the company.

Also, consider asking your friends and family for help packing and moving. You can save money by having them pitch in, especially if they are available to help on the weekend of your move. They can also help you have a garage sale or clean your house beforehand to make room for the movers’ supplies and avoid extra fees.

On the day of your move, you can help keep movers’ costs down by being on-site to direct them and answer questions. Clear paths and prepare boxes, marking what room they should enter at your new home.

Look for Discounts

Moving can be expensive, but there are ways to save money when hiring professional movers. First, get multiple quotes from reputable companies and compare them. Ask for a detailed quote that itemizes all charges (moving rates, mileage, packing supplies, etc.). You can also ask about any additional fees that may apply, such as a fuel surcharge for long moves or an extra mover for heavy items.

When comparing movers, pay attention to the hourly rate. While two movers might be cheaper than three, a larger team can finish the job faster. In addition, a higher hourly rate often includes a tip for the movers. While a tip is not required, it is appreciated and should be between $20 and $50 per mover.

Another way to save on movers is to move during the off-season. The summer months are the busiest time for moving companies; therefore, they charge more. However, you will likely receive a discount if you can move during the week or the off-season, like in winter.

Lastly, consider getting a military moving discount. Many moving companies offer discounts for current and former members of the military, as well as family members of active duty personnel. These deals can save you a lot, from moving rates to storage services.

Ask for an In-Home Estimate

The cost of movers isn’t just the labor; it also includes fuel, tolls, and insurance. This is why getting a detailed estimate from the company is important before hiring them. Ask for an in-home survey, which will allow the mover to see what they are moving and how long it will take them.

Ask how many movers will work on your move and their hourly rate. You’ll want to know if they charge extra fees for stair charges, fuel, long carry, and the use of packing materials. Some movers will even include an inventory list with the estimate so you’re not surprised by a hidden charge later.

It’s also worth asking if moving is a cheaper time of year. Most movers raise their rates between May and August, so if you can move outside of this window, it can save you some money. Remember that you can also tip your movers if they do a good job, though tips are only sometimes required. On average, $20 per mover is enough to show your appreciation. You can increase your tip amount depending on how fast the movers work and if they have any issues cash on hand is also a good idea when hiring movers because they don’t accept credit cards.

Do Your Research

When hiring professional movers, it’s important to do your research. Look for companies with great reviews and a reasonable price. You may find some that offer special deals during certain times of the year.

Also, be sure to compare quotes from different movers before deciding. Some companies may try to lure you in with a low estimate but charge you more for services like packing or moving insurance. Be wary of these companies and check online reviews before hiring them.

Another way to save money when moving is to do some work yourself. You can ask friends and family to help move or rent a portable storage container to hold your belongings. 

Finally, start packing items you don’t need daily at least five weeks before your move date. This will save you the cost of paying movers to pack up items you don’t need, and it will prevent the need for additional fees such as a rental truck or moving insurance. Plus, it’ll be less stressful for you and your family.

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