Sprinklers are essential for keeping your lawn looking lush and beautiful. Learn about the different types of sprinkler heads in this guide.

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful: The Different Types of Sprinkler Heads, Explained

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If you’re not an expert on sprinklers, you’re not alone. Many people who maintain lawns need to learn more about sprinkler heads.

Listed below are various types of sprinkler heads you might encounter. Keep reading to learn all about them and how they work.


Traditional Impact Heads

Traditional impact heads are the most common sprinkler heads used for lawn irrigation. These models are designed to produce a large, powerful stream of water. It is capable of putting down a significant amount of water in a short period.

The impact heads use a spring-loaded “hammer” to thrust water out at high velocity. They are simple to set up and adjust. The heads can be placed in various patterns to cover an entire lawn evenly.

Impact heads may require minor maintenance and cleaning to ensure they perform correctly. Regularly check for caulking around the bottom of the head where the water escapes. If you need help, look for the best sprinkler system repair.

Rotary Heads

Rotary heads are the best sprinkler head for larger yards or gardens. They work by rotating in a circle. It is an excellent option for uneven terrain or an area that is difficult to water manually.

These sprinklers are designed to put water right where it needs to be. The nozzle can be adjusted to throw the water at distances up to 30 feet.

They come in single and multi-stream varieties, allowing for precision watering of the areas that need more attention. This can be helpful when watering plants or flowers.

Pulsating Heads

Pulsating heads are types of sprinklers that can keep a lawn looking beautiful. These heads provide a single stream of water while oscillating back and forth in a pulsating pattern. This design works well on lawns that need an even water distribution over an extended area.

Pulsating heads are easy to adjust and can create a gentle or vigorous spray depending on the need. They are also an economical choice as they provide even coverage while using a lower rate of water. Pulsating heads are ideal for areas with flat lawns or gentle slopes and are an excellent way to keep your property looking beautiful.

Bubbler Heads

Bubbler heads are one of the least expensive types of sprinkler heads. They are placed near 1-2 trees and are designed to maintain the moisture content of the soil.

Bubbler heads also minimize runoff and help save water. Unlike conventional sprinklers, bubbler heads have a fixed flow rate, so there is less risk of water wastage.

Also, the bubblers are great for small spaces as they only require a little space to install. Bubbler heads are ideal for people without large yards or limited budget resources.

Understanding the Types of Sprinkler Heads

A well-manicured lawn requires the proper irrigation system. Using different types of sprinkler heads is the foundation for a beautiful lawn.  Speak to a professional for advice on what type of sprinkler head is right for your property. 

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