Streamlining Your On-Site Paving Estimates: Time and Cost-Saving Strategies

Streamlining Your On-Site Paving Estimates: Time and Cost-Saving Strategies

Accurate estimates help maintain cost control on civil engineering projects by minimizing financial risks. They also allow for a more precise timeline and help keep projects on time and within budget.

Increase paving contractor productivity with online scheduling, client communication, and job costing software built for asphalt and concrete companies. 


Get a 3D Model

3D modeling is creating a digital representation of a project using specialized software. It can be used for various tasks, including visualization, quantification, and simulation of design, construction, and other processes.

A 3D model uses a combination of data points, including GPS coordinates and machine control information, to create a replica of a worksite. This data can be loaded onto onboard computers like excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers. This allows equipment operators to follow plan specifications without relying on the landscape’s contours.

This helps to reduce surveying costs and improve job site efficiency. It also makes it easier to identify issues that need attention and prioritize repairs. In addition, a 3D model can be used to map utilities, such as water and wastewater piping or even natural gas lines. This makes it easier for crews to locate these elements, which reduces downtime caused by unnecessary digging or re-digging.

Get a Detailed Schedule

Your employees are your most valuable asset during the paving season. You can have the best equipment, trucks, and software in the industry, but if you hire a worker who doesn’t like working construction or doesn’t understand how long your summer work hours can be, you could lose them as soon as the weather turns hot.

You can avoid this scenario by ensuring your workers are fully engaged and informed about their projects through a detailed schedule. This includes not only the work that needs to be done but also the materials you’ll need for each task and its estimated duration. This way, any scheduling conflicts can be resolved ahead of time, and you’re never left with a worker who isn’t ready for a busy season.

Get a List of Equipment

A master equipment list is an essential tool for tracking inventory and calculating costs. It includes information like the name of the floor manager, which person is responsible for all tools check-ins and checkouts, and additional financial charges such as the date purchased and serial number.

If your project involves heavy equipment, a list of this equipment can help you track the cost of materials. A comprehensive software solution can also offer a detailed budget estimation and forecasting, which can help limit overruns. Consider contacting the local paving company for on-site paving estimates Granger IN, to get a better understanding of the cost of your driveway project. Finally, to minimize your paving costs, consider working with one company that offers complete asphalt services, including drain work and striping. This will simplify your operations and ensure you’re paying a fair price for quality work year after year.

Get a List of Materials

Imagine trying to build at Granger, IN, in a day without a detailed list of materials. The same goes for any construction project. An efficient material list app can help you keep your projects organized and save you valuable time.

Creating a list of materials lets you associate Inventory items with a document in the ELN, enabling tight integration between ELN and Inventory for enhanced traceability and reproducibility. It also allows you to easily edit the consumed and Inventory quantity of an item when editing a corresponding document.

To view a table of all documents that have Lists of Materials associated with them, tap the Show Linked Documents button on a List. This will open the dialog showing all lists that reference the selected document.

Get a List of Permits

Having an experienced local paving contractor with an intimate understanding of the geography, climate, and land quality of your project sites will allow you to produce custom specifications and develop highly accurate bids. They will also be able to confirm any permits required for your construction.

During the construction process, it is essential to monitor progress and ensure that all activities are completed according to the scope of work. Asphalt overlay scope of work template makes this easy by allowing you to track projects in multiple views, including List View, Calendar View, and Table View.

Schedule regular pavement inspections. Walk your lots (or hire a professional to do it for you) and note any defects like cracks, potholes, puddles, and other issues. These problems can be expensive to repair if they are allowed to get out of control.

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