A pool screen enclosure can help you and your family enjoy your pool throughout the year. Read on for more information on pool enclosures.

The Benefits of a Pool Screen Enclosure

If you’re building a pool on your property, you might be excited about it for the summer months ahead. However, you should also consider a pool screen enclosure for several reasons.

While you can imagine the rush of diving into the water, others might be thinking about venturing onto your property to take a dip. By installing a durable pool screen, you’ll be discouraging uninvited guests from joining in the fun.

Here are a few benefits you can look forward to when you enlist the help of a qualified pool enclosure company.


Increased Property Value  

Adding a pool screen enclosure to your home offers many benefits, most notably increased property value. An outdoor swimming pool enclosed in a high-quality enclosure increases the curb appeal of your pool and backyard.

Additionally, a designed screen enclosure increases the usable outdoor space. This often allows homeowners to enjoy a year-round swimming season. The resale value of your property can increase when your pool is coupled with a corresponding high-end screen enclosure.

Protection From the Elements

Pool screen enclosures provide protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, and pests. This can help extend the time you have to enjoy swimming in your pool. Sun and intense UV rays can cause skin damage from overexposure.

Pool screen creates a safe, shaded area and prevents sunburns. They can also protect furniture, landscaping, and other decorations from wind, rain, and hail. Pool screen enclosures eliminate the need to clean debris continuously and bugs from the pool and deck.

Having a screened-in pool area can reduce energy bills as it keeps the warm air in and chilly breezes out. Furthermore, pool screen enclosures provide privacy and security. This gives you peace of mind while using the pool.

Safety and Security

Pool screen enclosures offer a high level of safety and security to help protect swimmers of all ages. They act as both a physical and psychological barrier. Pool enclosures block access and provide an environment of peace and relaxation.

Screened enclosures make it difficult for children and pets to get into the pool without supervision. This makes it much easier to help ensure their safety.

Additionally, it helps to keep out pests, like mosquitoes, and other vermin like rodents and snakes. This makes swimming a much more enjoyable experience. Pool screen enclosures are also an effective deterrent to potential intruders, as they can provide an extra layer of security to any home.

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

A pool screen enclosure is a great way to reduce the cleaning and maintenance required for pool owners. The enclosure provides a barrier for dirt, debris, and critters. This results in less need for cleaning chemicals and filters and decreased maintenance.

Instead of skimming the pool daily, an enclosure will keep most floating particles out, leading to less frequent cleaning. In addition, screen enclosures can prevent leaves and larger debris from entering the pool. This reduces the time spent vacuuming and cleaning the filter. 

Install a Pool Screen Enclosure Today

Pool screen enclosures provide numerous beneficial effects, such as reducing leaf and bug debris, reducing wind and sun exposure, and promoting safety.

Investing in a good enclosure will give you many years of worry-free pool ownership. Why not take the plunge and start creating your backyard paradise?

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