Do you want to identify your type of back pain? Read this to discover what you need to know about different types of back pain!

Types of Back Pain: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to solve your back pain? Then, this back pain 101 is good for you.

No matter how healthy you keep yourself, you’re bound to suffer from back pain at some point in your life. It’s one of the most common reasons people visit their physician.

It’s an extremely uncomfortable experience that no one ever wants to go through, especially not on a daily basis.

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones and suffer from back pain often, then you need to know all the different types of back pain so you can recognize the situation when it occurs. Read on to learn more!


Acute Back Pain

Acute back pain is a short-term type of back pain that can be caused by a range of medical conditions. It is also called musculoskeletal back pain. It occurs suddenly and typically resolves quickly. It is usually caused by different types of reasons:

  • strained muscles
  • damaged ligaments
  • pinched nerves
  • disk injuries
  • fractures
  • joint inflammation

Solutions to this type of back pain generally involve physical therapy, massage therapy, and reducing activity. Heat and colds can also help reduce pain and take medications for pain and inflammation.

Resting and avoiding activities that require bending, twisting, or lifting large objects can also help. Exercise can also be beneficial if done properly, as it can strengthen the muscles in the lower back and improve flexibility, reducing the chances of injury.

Subacute Back Pain

Subacute back pain is a type of pain that begins gradually and lasts longer than acute pain. It can last between four and twelve weeks. The pain is usually localized, meaning it can be felt in only one area of the back, such as the lower back.

Treatment focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the pain. This can include physical therapy from doctors for back pain, chiropractic care, medications, and lifestyle modifications, such as exercise and stretching.

Chronic Back Pain

This back pain type is a persistent, often long-term pain. It may result from an injury or an underlying condition such as arthritis, disc degeneration, scoliosis, or spinal stenosis.

Chronic back pain can be difficult to diagnose and treat, requiring a combination of lifestyle changes, medical interventions, and in some cases, surgery. When treating chronic back pain, core exercises, stretching, and yoga is beneficial. 


Sciatica is a type of back pain that is typically caused by a herniated disc or a bone spur in the spine that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, running from the lower back to the toes.

Treatment of sciatica can vary depending on the cause but can include physical therapy, corrective exercises, medications, and, depending on the severity, surgery.

Some exercises that are often recommended to treat sciatica include lower extremity stretches and core strengthening exercises, such as pilates, to help stabilize the spine.

Types of Back Pains That You Need to Be Aware Of

Back pain can range from mild to severe. Knowing more about the different types of back pain and its causes will help you find the right treatment and minimize discomfort and frustration.

Educate yourself and speak to your doctor about the best treatment for you. Start feeling better and get your life back today!

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