Everyone needs to feel safe where they live. Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure you live in a secure home.

5 Essential Tips for a More Secure Home

Did you know that burglary is the most feared property crime? While it is easy to ignore locking your front door at home, it’s important to always do so, as well as your windows, whenever you leave your home.

If you have a large home or live alone, then you’ll need to ensure that you take extra precautions to protect yourself and your property from criminals. Read on to learn tips that you can use to secure your home.


1. Lock Your Doors and Windows

When it comes to basic home security, it is essential to remember the basics, like locking doors and windows. This secures the home and reduces the risk of becoming a victim of burglary or other crimes.

It’s vital to make sure you always lock your windows and doors when leaving the house, even if you’re only stepping away for a few moments. Installing keyless locks can provide an added layer of security if you want to ensure your property is extra secure.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional door frame contractor if you need help.

2. Install Reliable Security Systems

Consider getting an alarm system with controlled access that is linked to your smartphone. Moreover, motion sensors that can detect movement around and inside your home can be useful in alerting you and law enforcement of any suspicious behavior.

Door and window sensors can alert you when somebody attempts to enter your home through these entry points. Installing CCTV cameras with night vision can also be useful for recording any suspicious activity.

Finally, consider investing in an advanced digital door lock system that requires your unique PIN to unlock the door.

3. Trim Trees and Bushes Away From Home

It’s important to keep bushes and trees as far away from home as possible. These plants can provide cover for burglars or other intruders to get close to the home without being seen.

Additionally, pruning trees and bushes regularly can improve visibility and make it easier to spot any suspicious activity. It’s also important to trim branches so that they do not hang close to the roof, leaving home vulnerable to climbing intruders.

4. Use Quality Locks

Using quality locks for your home provides an added layer of security. This helps deter any unwanted visitors from attempting to breach the entry to your home.

High-quality locks are difficult to pick and make it hard for anyone with malicious intent to find an easy way into your home. These also offer additional features such as tamper resistance, keyed entry, and deadbolt locks.

5. Invest in a Safe for Valuables

Invest in a safe for your valuables if you have items of monetary, family, or sentimental value that you do not use regularly. These items should be safely and securely stored away, out of sight, and hidden away from all possible perpetrators.

A good quality, fire-proof safe is the ideal way to store these items as they are difficult to break into and protect against damage caused by fire or smoke. When selecting a safe, look for one that comes with an electronic keypad and an additional keyed access point.

Helpful Tips to Secure Home

A secure home doesn’t have to be difficult. Adopt some of these essential tips for more home security, such as motion-activated lights, deadbolts, and a home security system.

These home security tips will make your home more secure, so you can rest easy knowing your home and family are safe.

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