Florida man July 5 brings us four stories that will make you glad you do not live in Florida. Is this your birthday?

Florida man July 5 brings us four stories that will make you glad you do not live in Florida.

Florida is full of weird things. One of the most bizarre is Florida Man himself. He has carried out some of the weirdest stunts not just Florida has seen but the rest of the world.

In this post, we will look at some of the crazy things that Florida Man did on July 5.


 Florida Man July 5: Resists Arrest For Fun

On July 5, a Florida man Rudolph Grant, 53 decided that it was his day to take on the cops. Police responded to reports of a man wielding a golf club and chasing a woman.

Officers tried to detain the man for disorderly conduct. That is when our Florida man decided it was his time to shine.

After a brief struggle police managed to arrest the man. When I asked why he put up such a struggle, he responded that he felt like he was on a TV show.

Police then added resisting arrest to his charges.

Probably one of the more ridiculous reasons for opposing that we have seen so far.

 Florida Man July 5 : Impersonates The Police

On July 5 2019, Two Florida men engaged in an exciting traffic stop.

Florida Man Barry Lee Hastings Jr., 35 pulled over another man n highway 4.

When the man asked for the officer’s credentials, the Florida Man told him the credentials were at the office.

When the second man called 9-1-1, the Florida Man drove off, his amber/white lights flashing.

It turns out Florida Man was a fake police officer and just happened to pull over an honest police officer. Sheriff’s Deputy, to be specific. Police caught up with the impersonating Florida Man and pulled him over and arrested him not far from the scene.

 Florida Man July 5 : The Baby Beating

Florida Man, in this case, is a woman. The woman decided to call the police when she and her boyfriend got in a fight.

She claimed that her boyfriend was abusing her. When they arrived, the police learned from security that the Florida Woman was using her infant to hit her husband.

Officers arrested the woman for her use of a baby as a weapon.

While she was headed to jail, the police took the baby to the hospital, where the baby was cleared.

Barring anymore wielding, doctors expect the baby to live a normal, healthy life. Well, except for having Florida Woman for a mom.

 Criminal Spiderman

Florida Man walked into a convenience store in a red shirt and looked around. He left for a little while, but it wasn’t long before he returned with a Spiderman mask and robbed the place.

The not-so-bright Florida Man didn’t bother changing his clothes or anything.

It didn’t take long for police to catch the Florida Man. Florida Man needs to get better at disguises because this wasn’t his first time getting caught by the police for robbery.

Final Thoughts 

What do you think of what Florida Man did on July 5? If you want to see some of the other tales that Florida Man has wound up in, look at some of the other dates covered in history.

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