what Florida did on Man July 11

These Florida Man July 11 stories are the embodiment of everything crazy in Florida. We don’t know how he came to be, but he won’t go away. Every day, he gets up to new and exciting activities. Many of them are not so legal. Take a look at what Florida Man did on July 11.


Florida Man July 11: Makes Bomb Threat

We all get a little frustrated at the airport, but this 74-year-old Florida Man took it way too far.

On July 11, Florida man, Wegal Rosen got into an argument with the person taking his ticket at Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. After the argument, he started to walk away while leaving his carry-on luggage at the counter.

The ticketing attendant told him to get his carry-on luggage. However, instead of getting his luggage, Wegal Rosen told the attendant that the bag contained a bomb inside it. Florida Man continued to walk away from the attendant towards another terminal.

This led officials to evacuate two terminals. Police then swept the airport and cleared it of any potential bombs. Police then arrested the Florida man and charged him with false reports concerning planting a bomb, explosive, or weapon of mass destruction. 

Florida Man July 11: Back to The Basics

Sometimes we just have to cover the basics. On July 11 2021, Florida man Joseph M. Bailey, 79 decided to go back to a classic Florida Man stunt. He went to Watertown’s Thompson Park and exposed himself at the park. Police quickly arrested the Florida man after witnesses called law enforcement. 

Police later charged the man with public lewdness. Which is only a misdemeanor in Florida.

Florida Man July 11: Releases Prisoner From Jail

It isn’t often that you get a Florida Man who is in a position of power. However, it is not uncommon for them to abuse that power when they get it.

A Florida man who worked at the Broward County Jail mistakingly let a prisoner out of jail by accident. To make things worse, the prisoner Eric Vail, 28 was in jail at the time for suspicion of murder. Police had arrested the man for a murder involving an AK-47.

Police managed to rearrest the man in Jesup, Georgia a little over a month after his accidental release. However, that wasn’t till after a 3-hour standoff. The Florida man who released him stated that he believed the charges had been dropped.

The accident was blamed on a clerical error but is still being investigated.


As you can see, Florida Man is just ridiculous. There is no stopping him.

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