Florida man august 1

Florida Man August 1 is full of adventure, adrenaline, and rage for Florida Man. From “hanging out” an alligator to spraying women with roach spray.

Florida Man does everything. Feeling intrigued to know what is going on down there? Check the stories below:


Florida Man August 1, 2018 – Doing A Beer Run With An Alligator

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On August 1, Florida Man entered a convenience store with an alligator to “search some beers.”

Taking your cat or dog into a store is just standard stuff. On the other hand, Florida Man put that normality on another level. 

A video shows a man, the Florida Man, going into a convenience store with an alligator in hand to buy a beer.

As heard in the video, the unidentified man carried the alligator in his right hand while saying, “Y’all ain’t out of beer, are you?” as heard in the video.

The man himself confronts another male, asking, “Is he taking the last bit of beer? You aren’t taking the last bit of beer, are you?

This act made the whole store laugh, and the Florida Man successfully bought a 12-pack of beer. What a good day for him and his “pet.”

Florida Man August 1, 2021 – Bites Off Friend’s Ear

MONROE COUNTY – Fla. – Florida Man is accused of biting a friend’s ear over a fight

On August 1st in Monroe County, Florida, a man was accused of biting a friend’s ear off during a fight over a woman in a wheelbarrow.

Initially, the group took a vacation in the Florida Keys when the authorities said that the woman passed out at a marina early Thursday morning. James Leen Williams, 45, said to put the woman in a wheelbarrow to send her back to Oceans Edge Resort & Marine, their hotel.

Witnesses reported that Mr.Williams supposedly dumped his beer on the woman while insulting her simultaneously. This disturbing event made his friend intervene, saying that he was being disrespectful.

Mr. Williams suddenly engaged in combat with the man; two female friends tried to calm the situation. According to the police information, the victim, a 28 years old man, had his ear bitten off during the fight while one of the females was shoved to the ground.

Officers and paramedics arrived on the scene and treated the victim as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Mr. Williams was later arrested and now faces multiple battery charges.

Florida Man August 1, 2019 – Attacking Neighbors with Roach Spray and Nunchucks

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.: A Florida man was accused of spraying roach spray on his neighbors and tried to use nunchucks on them but hit himself in the head instead.

Early in the morning, a Daytona Beach police officer was called over a disturbance in an apartment building. Arriving at the location, he spoke to the five victims, all females. Based on their information, the two women initially listen to the music in the car, all excited to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of the victims.

Meanwhile, two other women from the apartment came to the car, asking the two to turn the music down. The fifth victim was nearby. 

As the women did the talk, Adams suddenly burst out of his apartment and was verbally aggressive toward the women. The women took his threat to “shoot them with a firearm” lightly, considering it slang, as stated in the affidavit.

As they continued arguing, Adams took a can of roach spray and sprayed the women on the faces and bodies, covering them all with pesticide. It doesn’t stop there; Adams threatened the women again but now with nunchucks set. Before the initial act done by Adams, the women believed him, as stated by the document.

Adams used the nunchucks to strike the car owned by one of the women who were listening to music. However, the nunchucks struck and hit him in the forehead instead.

The car, fortunately, is not damaged.

Final Thoughts

These stories of Florida Man that happened on August 1 remind us that we should always be calm and composed in any situation.

Everything could be controllable, as long as we still give others respect and talk it out without burning our emotions. 

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