Florida Man September 12 is another crazy day in the life of a Florida Man. Is this your birthday? If so, make sure to check it out.

Florida Man September 12 – Grand Theft Cart

Florida Man September 12 is another crazy day in the life of a Florida Man. The day, aside from being the birthday of Yao Ming, is also another day full of adventure.

What did Florida Man do on September 12? See the stories below:


Florida Man September 12, 2016 – The Bulletproof Vest Incident

TAMPA, Fla. – A Florida Man killed his cousin accidentally when he shot him during a failed bulletproof vest testing

The Florida Man’s curiosity led him to his death.

On the day of September 12, 2016, a Florida Man was curious about his bulletproof vest’s durability. He asked the cousin for ‘testing’.

He put up the vest, and the cousin shot, but the vest didn’t work.

The story starts with Joaquin Mendez (23), who at that time decided to test his bulletproof vest with real bullets.

To find the answer, he asked his cousin, Alexandro Garibaldi (24), to do the job for him. 

Apparently, to test whether the vest would work or not, he decided to test it in a real situation, meaning to use an actual gun.

The cousin agreed to the request, drew his gun, and shot at Joaquin, who at the time was already wearing body armor.

Turned out that the vest didn’t work, and the shot fatality wounded Joaquin. 

Paramedics rushed him to an emergency room but unfortunately, he died in the hospital later on.

To try and deal with the situation, Garibaldi decided to make up a whole new story to cover what he did.

He said to the corresponding officers that Joaquin was shot in front of the house. However, eyewitnesses destroyed this alibi, who told the contrary.

They said the one who shot Joaquin was Garibaldi himself.

Deciding to expand the investigation, the police then searched the house of Joaquin Mendez. They’ve found the armor, along with the bullet previously shot by Garibaldi.

Not long after, police arrested Garibaldi and charged him with manslaughter.

Florida Man September 12, 2019 – Florida Man Stole A Golf Cart in A Slow Chase with The Police

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -A Florida Man came out of nowhere, holding a gun, and stole a golf cart

And thanks to the slow performance of the golf cart, he didn’t get far.

According to the police’s statement, there were two men golfing on a private course in Martin County.

They were about to tee off on the 7th hole when Jerome Inman (25) suddenly ran to them and stole their cart.

The man stated that he had a gun with him.

A surveillance video confirmed this statement. The video showed Inman, slowly traveling along the golf course as a sheriff’s helicopter followed him .

Maybe after realizing his tactic won’t work, he decided to go out of the cart and lay down on the ground before being taken into custody.

Inman was one of the two suspects on a car theft spree. Later on, Inman said to the deputies that he stole the golf cart because he thought he could go faster with it.

Police charged him with grand theft auto and placed him inside the Martin County jail. The second culprit was also arrested and sentenced to the same charge.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Florida man September 12 is another day full of randomness.

Is it going to be better tomorrow, September 13? Only time will tell. As for now, we hope that you enjoy the stories, and let us meet again on the next one!

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